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Today was my last class of the semester.  And I'm about at the part of the year when a certain holiday enters my sensibility.  The whole milking-the-hell-out-of-Christmas thing is something I vehemently avoid.  People who know me well could attest to my ability to avoid.  Is it because I'm a Taurus that I prefer quality over quantity?

When mid-December comes along though, I'm in.  And pretty soon it'll be time to bust out my favourite Christmas CD.  This CD takes me down a level – in a good way.  His Go Tell it on the Mountain warms better than hot chocolate or even a neat scotch.  I Saw Three Ships is just Cockburn gorgeousness.  The album for me is peace, warmth, beauty and everything that is not a shopping mall.

If you like Christmas music, do yourself a favour, add this one to your collection.  Trust me on this one.  Really.



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    Mike December 12, 2010

    Got it, in fact I just put together a CD of all “Go Tell It On The Mountain”‘s featuring:
    1. Mahalia Jackson (1955)
    2. The Ames Brothers (1957)
    3. Bruce Cockburn (1993)
    4. Fred Eaglesmith (2001)
    5. Blind Boys of Alabama feturing Tom Waits (2003)
    … my favorite…

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    Jaliya December 12, 2010

    Ah..Bruce. I first heard him in late 1976 — in December, actually. I was seventeen, and a girl I’d known and been friends with (off and on in that way of young girls) since Kindergarten was killed in a highway collision during a blizzard. This was the first death of a close person to me … Long story short, a group of friends met the night before the funeral … That was the night I was introduced to Bruce Cockburn’s music. First Bruce song: “Burn” from the *Joy Will Find a Way* album. By the end of the evening I knew the song inside out and was wailing it in drunken/ecstatic four-part harmony with the other kids in between bouts of passing around photos of our newly dead friend and crying ourselves flat. For all the horror of the event and the grief of losing a friend so young, there was a thread of beautiful music that ran through it all … and Bruce’s music was pivotal … Agreed re: the *Christmas* album … Sublime 🙂

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    Jennifer December 12, 2010

    Love that version Mike!

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    Jennifer December 12, 2010

    Jaliya – THANK YOU for sharing that story. Amazing and wonderful how music can mark out certain points in our lives – it triggers such strong memories.

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    Cathy December 12, 2010

    I was lucky enough to see him live. I was living in London, and he played at the Town and Country Club in Kentish Town. It was an incredible show because he played band with him. I had no idea he was such an amazing guitarist. It was also a special night because I had ‘introduced’ him to my then-boyfriend, and he was completely blown away. It was one of those unforgettable concerts..intimate and very special.

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    Jennifer December 12, 2010

    He is a stunning guitarist. A couple of years ago Kelsey gave me his instrumental only cd – it’s still one of my favourites. Played it in my class yesterday while everyone was working on a creative actvity!

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    lisahgolden December 12, 2010

    I’ll be looking for this one.

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    Selma December 12, 2010

    Word on the Taurean quality over quantity thing. I haven’t heard this CD but I will try and get it. I do so love ‘I Saw Three Ships.’

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    Jennifer December 12, 2010

    Send me your address Lisa.

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    Jennifer December 12, 2010

    Selma – Cockburn’s version of …Ships is divine.

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    Downith December 13, 2010

    Oh, I used to love Bruce Cockburn. Note to self – get me some Bruce again. All I have right now is him singing the Franklin theme song on my children’s DVD – he even sounds great on that!

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    Sue (Pati's cousin-in-law) December 14, 2010

    Didn’t know of his christmas songs, thanks for the heads up. Listening to it as I make my morning chai.

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    Jennifer December 15, 2010

    Oh hooray – I hope you do pick this one up Sue – you won’t be sorry! I’ve always placed it in my “top 10 desert island disks’ lists! And thanks for stopping by! :0)

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    Jennifer December 15, 2010

    Oh Downith – do get! You’ll be so glad…. xo

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