woman gone to oz

There is sidewalk art on King Street, depicting a yellow brick road. It’s advertising a free evening movie in the park next to Roy Thompson Hall.  I was thinking it would have been fun to take my girls to see The Wizard of Oz in a park when they were small.  But then again, neither was a big fan of that film.  Kelsey wasn’t much up for malevolent looking green witch faces, or clowny scarecrow ones for that matter, despite how kind the bloke is.  And Carly was less than impressed – the technologies of her day rendered old movies fake looking and therefore not believable.  Besides, she’d heard the little people in the film had been abused, and even if that story about the little guy hanging himself on set was an urban myth, my little social critic was jaded.

Had I had the breadth of entertainment available to me when I was her age, I suppose I would be too.  Nevertheless, I can still drum up the escape into Frank L. Baum’s world I experienced just from seeing that old movie on a small, black and white screen (unless we got to go to Aunt Martha’s and see it on their colour console) all these decades later. 

So I was charmed to see people walking on the narrow strip of yellow brick road along the wide King Street sidewalk this morning.  Maybe it was subconscious – their feet just following the obvious path.  I was kind of hoping some of them were imagining they were walking into a world far away from their offices and meetings.  Hanging around with weird creatures and rediscovering oneself while defeating witches could be considered a favourable alternative to another day of spreadsheets and emails; for a few days anyway.

I was thinking that as I noted some feet in high heels stepping purposefully along the yellow brick road.  The woman in the sharp suit attached to those feet was wearing a hint of a smile, her thoughts seemingly not anywhere near King Street.  “Carry on!” I thought, pacing my walk to the tune of the Yellow Brick Road song running through my head.  I just know she was walking to the same tune.


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    Pati July 6, 2011

    I loved watching The Wizard of Oz every year, I am always still amazed when she walks into the world of colour and those damned monkeys still scare me to death!

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    Susan Tiner July 6, 2011

    I still love watching The Wizard of Oz. The bad witch scares me!
    I enjoyed your Canada Day posts and hope your Dad wins the mayoral election 🙂

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    Lisa Golden July 6, 2011

    I’m so glad you were paying attention so that you could tell this story. It lightened my day.

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    Jennifer July 6, 2011

    Pati I think those damned monkeys were some of the most successful bad guys in movie history. They’ll never stop being scary!

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    Jennifer July 6, 2011

    You know I may wander down and watch it outside this Saturday night Susan! I don’t get tired of it either.
    Glad you enjoyed the Canada Day posts!

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    Jennifer July 6, 2011

    Funny that you said that Lisa. As I was walking to work today, I said to myself, as I’ve said often in the past, “pay attention, find a story today” – after which I thought, “there are no stories today.” And not a block later, came a story. I should listen to myself more often.
    Thanks for coming by pal – I haven’t forgotten you and all my other bloggy friends. My days are different now – my blog reading habits need to be switched up!

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    Susannah July 7, 2011

    “The woman in the sharp suit attached to those feet was wearing a hint of a smile, her thoughts seemingly not anywhere near King Street. “Carry on!” I thought, pacing my walk to the tune of the Yellow Brick Road song running through my head. I just know she was walking to the same tune.”
    Brilliant and wonderful! You made me smile with that. 🙂
    I am glad you found the story and told it to us. x

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    Jennifer July 7, 2011

    Aw thanks Susannah. You make me smile whenever you visit. x
    Now I just need to get my READING blogs groove back!

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    Steve capelin July 9, 2011

    Woman gone to Oz. I saw that and thought, that’s strange, jennifer didn’t mention coming to visit downunder. I thought, but I’m in Vanuatu, so she must have some other southern hemisphere business and then …….. I read on, slightly disappointed.
    I love sidewalk art. It’ so unassuming, yet sometimes so brilliant. And sometimes so liberating – it’s a very democratic and accessible form of art. “Have chalk be artists”. Children, adults, professionals, amateurs. There’s a fabulous website which shows some amazing stuff. do you know it?
    My daughter watched the Wizard of Oz at least a hundred times when she was young. I usually hate seeing movies a second time but i quite enjoyed walking past each of those hundred times and catching a little snippet of magic.
    I guess i left my social conscience at the door (though i was not aware of any of those stories).

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    Jennifer July 10, 2011

    You know Steve, I really hope that one day I write stories about visiting your OZ! I love your thoughts on sidewalk art. And you know I’m ALL about democratic and accessible art. And yes, I’ve seen some amazing stuff come through the web. I watched a guy doing one of those optical illusion pieces here in Toronto a week or so ago.
    And me too – Wizard of Oz is one of those movies I can return to again and again.

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