two and a third days and a little more

Last weekend was delicious. The days were a blessing; crisp and sunny, the kind of autumn days you need to be out in because you know that with every weekend that passes, these kinds of days are less likely to occur for… well you don’t want to think about how many months.

And it was more than that.

It started with spontaneous “beer o’clock” on Friday with family, then moved into a weekend that was about wandering around, changing minds, making diversions, sharing meals, turning your face to the sun and letting it slide its arms around your shoulders against the cool air, exploring neighbourhoods, watching diamonds floating on the lake, taking pictures of freighters, long kisses, longer conversations, sharing old pictures, beholding skylines, sleeping in, drinking cesars with big breakfasts, standing on the street corner deciding which way to walk home and then a crying like an idiot in the middle of a busy station as you collect your long-away sister.

That weekend – lets not bother to quantify the beauty. Lets call it all beautiful thing number seventy-two.

Breakfast CesarTo my non-Canadian friends – the reason you don't have Cesars in your country is because we're not willing to share them.

Late October Patio by Sugar BeachA sunny patio on a late Saturday morning in late October looking at diamonds on the water on Lake Ontario.


  1. Susannah November 2, 2011

    Beautiful! Made me smile just reading it. x

  2. Jennifer November 2, 2011

    Glad to hear, friend!

  3. Little hat November 2, 2011

    Is that asparagas sticking out the top of that drink? Is a Cesar a mix of leftovers and red cordial? No wonder it hasm’t caught on!

  4. Little hat November 2, 2011

    Sily me. Not asparagus but celery. Makes all the difference.

  5. Jennifer November 2, 2011

    Well – there are variations on the cesar, in which they are garnished with asparagus or green beans (usually pickled ones), but celery is traditional. Certain parts of the country garnish with dill pickles and NEVER celery.
    You must get the lowdown my friend because you haven’t lived…
    One or more shots of vodka; tomato/clam cocktail (name brand = Clamato) is the mixer; several splashes of Worcestershire sauce; dashes of tabasco or other hot sauce, depending on preference; salt and pepper; garnish with lemon and/or lime and a stick of celery. The one in the picture had two large olives on a skewer. Other varations on the garnishes have included bacon (yes, bacon, my sister had one in Vancouver and said, “is there a more perfect drink?”); and skewers with any or all of pickled onion, cherry tomato, pepperoni, olives, sweet pickle. All served in a tall glass rimmed with seasoning salt or celery salt.
    No cordial. Never cordial.

  6. Little hat November 3, 2011

    I’ve never been a cocktail person Jenn. It’s too easy to drink wine already prepared in a bottle. If I’m ever in Canada I will certainly ask for one though. The Toronto variation perhaps.

  7. Jennifer November 3, 2011

    Well not much of a cocktail person either. But cesars are different. (And depending on where you order one, could include one or two of your daily veg requirements!) :0)

  8. Marilyn November 7, 2011

    I have enjoyed reading about your delicious weekend, it sounds fabulous… “long kisses, longer conversations, sharing old pictures, beholding skylines, sleeping in, drinking cesars with big breakfasts” …I would say this is life at it’s best.

  9. Jennifer November 7, 2011

    I would say so too Marilyn!
    Glad to see you.

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