the colours of a rainy day in january

Last night Ceri and I were talking about how difficult it is to wake up in the mornings these days, and I agreed with him that’s it’s all January’s fault.  Then, this morning I find wakefulness particularly elusive and when I finally drag myself out of bed I find it’s because it’s even darker than usual, thanks to heavily overcast skies and rain outside.  My discombobulated state lingers when I find my apartment still dark as night even at 8:30 when I’m leaving for the office.  As I round into Spadina Ave. the wind whips down and tries to wrestle my umbrella from me, but I win and when I get up into the street it’s not so bad. 

I adore the colour of the atmosphere when it rains; I think that’s why I have this perpetual love for rainy days.  The colours are mystical, and they paint the world under those clouds sinking low to enclose us protectively, and the glint of wet pavement, and lights taking on an incandescent glow sparkle against that purple-blue-grey hue in a way I find both comforting and inspiring. 

Okay, generally, rainy days in January are not so charming.  But it’s +4C and feeling absolutely balmy.  Thinking about the forecasted big freeze coming our way this weekend, me and my rose – I mean purple-blue-grey – coloured glasses try to capture photos of the colours over the course of my journey while considering buying a new warm coat because it is, after all, January.

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The colours of rain – beautiful thing number eighty-three.


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    Lisa Golden January 12, 2012

    It really is quite lovely and so much easier to appreciate when your teeth aren’t chattering from the cold.

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    Jennifer January 12, 2012

    Oh, and they will be chattering this weekend Lisa!

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    Steve capelin January 13, 2012

    I’m sitting on the side of my bed at 4 in the afternoon at the Mt Cook YHA looking in the direction of MT Cook (New Zealand’s highest peak. It’s raining cool January rain and the mountain is hiding. A Korean man I spoke to last night said as he stood at the door of the Hostel “I just want to see her”. He had such yearning in his voice. He left this morning unsatisfied. (I wrote this here first inspired by your january rain but I think I’ll blog the Korean man’s quest. It was so unexpected.)

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    Carol January 14, 2012

    I left a comment about my love of rain on your ‘photo’ blog. I’m totally with you on the magical landscape it creates 🙂
    C x

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    Jennifer January 15, 2012

    Finally getting around to responding to everyone – it is so magical isn’t it?

  6. Reply
    Jennifer January 15, 2012

    What a beautiful picture you paint Steve. Such a different rain, different world. Except I’m sorry the Korean man was disappointed. I’ll look forward to your post!

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    Susan Tiner January 17, 2012

    Lovely shots, especially that last one with the lights on the trees. Pretty.

  8. Reply
    Jennifer January 17, 2012

    Thank you Susan!

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