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pay attention


“Long before I wrote stories
I listened for stories.
Listening for them is something
more acute than listening to them.”

~Eudora Welty

Carpet of leaves

when the muse gives you lemons…

… make soup.

I mean, what else would one do when one has a little case of "I got nothin'?" 

Why not find a rainy night in which to go to the grocery store and fill up almost more bags than you can carry while balancing an umbrella over your head walking home.  Why not make soup?

And not just one kind, make two!  Hell, you've got a stove and a slow cooker – don't be a slouch!  Embrace the avoiding!

When you have a little case of creative block it's easy to justify any avoiding tactic.  Because making three weeks' worth of work lunches ahead only frees up writing time in future, right?  And cleaning the kitchen real good afterward calms the mind.  And throwing in a load of laundry is just your way of avoiding a stint of standing-blankly-in-front-of-open-closet tomorrow morning.  And checking facebook and finding out that others like soup - well the making of the soup has become a higher calling – it's one's responsibility to share the recipes with one's friends, isn't it?

Just two days ago I stood at the front of a classroom and gently told a writer to "make your office hours" and "just show up" and "set that appointment with yourself to write."

But I truly believe this too: sometimes it's also okay to just let the well refill itself.  Sometimes your creative being is regenerated when you do another sort of creating thing.  Sometimes this other kind of creative thing looks unremarkable and even kind of ordinary.  That might be called resting a little.  Letting the vessel fill itself for a little while.

So you might as well fil it with soup.