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the captain’s got his sources

After yesterday's post about my father telling me about the Empire Sandy (the tug that turned into a sailing ship) docked across the street, said father sent me pictures of her before and after. 

Maybe she deserves puffing out some sails and being pushed along after her hard working past, wouldn't you say?  We should all go out this way.

 Chris M.

When E. Sandy was Chris M.

 Empire Sandy 
  Chris M. transformed into Empire Sandy.

some moments in the harbour with the captain’s daughter

I took these photos for my dad.  When I told him where I would be moving in the Toronto harbour, he knew this ship, the Empire Sandy, was docked outside my door.  And before I even walked down and had a look at her I knew that she is from Thunder Bay and that in another life she was a tug.  You learn these kinds of things when you're the daughter of someone who has sustained an obsession with lake boats for 70 odd years. 

I enjoyed the clear and subtly changing shades of the sky tonight.  A perfect early summer evening to end a gorgeous Victoria Day long weekend.

Empire Sandy MrKane

 Empire Sandy

 Empire Sandy2



 Ship and Moon3

 Ship and Moon

 Ship and Moon2

 Empire Sandy Deck