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There has been a soft rain falling off and on since last night, and as I walk to work under the heavily overcast skies this morning everything is glistening luminous under the dim light; the pavement a wet black canvas painted here and there with splashes of colour reflecting the city pulsing above it.

Earlier, I lay in bed watching the sky through a gap in the curtain, thinking I was as reluctant to come to wakefulness as that sky was.  Last night’s rain capped a gorgeous, warm and sunshiny Sunday – that kind of weekend day you look upon as a gift at any time of year, but particularly this one.  The day was gentle; I walked and shopped and puttered around my home, and later my table housed a big pot of vegetable barley soup and toasted rosemary bread and warm company and suddenly I find myself in deep autumn with not a little pleasure. 

The slowed pace amidst the low clouds and glistening streets extends that autumnal comfort even on a Monday morning.  Once upon a time when I was a driver on the highway trying to get to work in mornings like this, I would curse at the way even a soft rain like this would slow everything down.   Now I feel lucky to be able to find pleasure in the slowed pace of a city under a rain.  It wasn’t all contentment – I wanted to walk right past my office and spend the morning in it. 

I’m not sure I’ll move so peacefully into winter, but who knows?  Maybe I just need to learn to carry with me in my mind the gentleness of a rainy morning.

yearly cockburn gorgeousness

Today was my last class of the semester.  And I'm about at the part of the year when a certain holiday enters my sensibility.  The whole milking-the-hell-out-of-Christmas thing is something I vehemently avoid.  People who know me well could attest to my ability to avoid.  Is it because I'm a Taurus that I prefer quality over quantity?

When mid-December comes along though, I'm in.  And pretty soon it'll be time to bust out my favourite Christmas CD.  This CD takes me down a level – in a good way.  His Go Tell it on the Mountain warms better than hot chocolate or even a neat scotch.  I Saw Three Ships is just Cockburn gorgeousness.  The album for me is peace, warmth, beauty and everything that is not a shopping mall.

If you like Christmas music, do yourself a favour, add this one to your collection.  Trust me on this one.  Really.


ghost leaves, reminding

I have always loved the way autumn leaves leave their ghostly impressions on the sidewalk after a rain. 

Today I was thinking those ghost leaves remind me of us. We put ourselves out there, hoping to leave an impression on our corners of the world.  Isn't it wonderful when we find out we do?

Think of the ghost leaves as a reminder.

 Ghost leaf 1
Ghost leaf 1 

Ghost leaf 4 

on being grateful this thanksgiving day

There's lots of talk about gratitude this weekend.  On Thanksgiving Day, here are some of the things I'm grateful for:

Getting to be the mother of those girls women
My beautiful, diverse, peaceful country with its amazing music and literary scenes
Autumn Leaves, Autumn Smells, Slow-cooked meals like soups and roasts
Bicycles, Boats, Airplanes
Lilacs, Daisies, Tulips, Poppies
Sharing meals, sharing bottles of wine, sharing conversation
The smell of water
Smart People, Creative People, Innovative People, Artists
Having a wonderful family that likes each other
Charlie Chaplin and Fred Astaire being born of a time that they were captured on film
My brain and my ability to express some of the things it processes
The smell of the forest
A view of the moon over the lake
Blueberries and milk, peaches, strawberries, wild raspberries
Markets, Libraries, Galleries, Museums, Parks, Kitchens, Gardens
The Band
CBC Radio
Personal chemistry, meetings of minds, lifelong friendships
The feminist movement; peaceful dissenters and those who lead them like Thoreau, Gandhi and MLK
Kindness, Compassion, Generosity, Kinship
Pears, Apples, Squash, Onions, Tomatoes
The World Wide Web
Cottages, Farmhouses, Children’s Forts, Castles
Books and stories that resonate for a lifetime
Long-Forgotten Memories, Déjà Vu, Coincidences, Dreams, Mysteries
Heroes, Teachers, Explorers, Thinkers, Volunteers
Snowstorms, Thunderstorms, Indian Summer
Northern Ontario
Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Ancestors
Imagination, Conviction, Courage, Loyalty