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beautiful ways of seeing

Considering beauty, and things number five and six of 101:

Number five: Seeing the world through the eyes of a daughter is beautiful.  For me, it is the opportunity to live life again through them, and be reminded of what it was like to be in the world when I was young.  Being in the world with my daughters is to be reminded of what it feels like to love completely – and to be loved, unconditionally. 

Today is a particularly striking reminder of that, and today I'm particularly thankful for these daughters.  Read the last part of this post from last year to find out why.

Carly and Kelsey laughing  

Number six:  This photographer – Miroslav Tichy, who I discovered at one of my favourite blogs, Accidental Mysteries.  The haunting photographs were taken with homemade cameras, and finished with homemade frames.  The photos were controversial because his subjects were usually unaware they were subjects.  The beauty of his images is unarguable. 

I suppose I also feel akin to Tichy because the subjects of my little stories are most often unaware of my attention to them, and I, too, have been taken to account for it.  What seems clear: this artist loves his subjects as much as I love mine.

The foundation set up on his behalf has set up this website:

Accidental Mysteries Post

Tichy on Flickr