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view over brunch

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Saturday brunch on a patio.  What does one do when thinking about the quickly diminishing summer and wondering how many more outdoor meals there are in a year?

Look up!

blue reflecting

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Sometimes a window's reflection can give you all the clarity you need.  As in the most logical reason to take an afternoon off. 

long weekend day two


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The lovely Lorna has great things to look at in her backyard. This bloke could be singing, shocked, shouting… I decided to assume he is yawning.


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Lorna's vine-covered wall with half-hidden treasures, like this one.


Today we soak up more sunshine, walking over to the St. Lawrence neighbourhood again.  It's good to get away from the Harbourfront – on the long weekend that heralds summer, the place is TEEMING with people.  We get to The Esplanade and are surpised to find half-empty patios.  I guess all the people are at the Harbourfront Centre.

We stop for a drink and a snack at Scotland Yard and run into a friend of Ceri's and have a nice chat.  Later we walk over to his other friend Lorna's for a gathering on her own back patio, and then a (gorgeous) meal of mussels, salad and canneloni.  It's my second time attending a party at Lorna's, and it's the second time she's outdone herself. 

We walk home, stopping only for a bag of coffee beans.

good morning 2012

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First day of 2012.  Rainy and mild on The Esplanade.

Ceri had the foresight to leave the blinds open wide so that we could look upon the city as we went to sleep (see post previous night).  Awoke to that skyline under bright, sunny skies. He makes a late breakfast of omelette with pancetta and cheese and onion with caraway rye toast and lots of coffee.

Clouds and rain arrive in the space of two hours. On a lazy day like today, you don't mind.  

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Later, after some loafing about, listening to CBC radio and reading, we watch the rest of the American Masters doc about Woody Allen which we'd left halfway through a few weeks ago, and then we go out for late lunch/early dinner at Fionn's in The Esplanade.

I walk home against some extraordinary winds – at Queens Quay and York I feel like I am walking without moving!  Get home and watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind on TCM and later a good, long conversation with Debbie.  

Going to bed early feeling like 2012 is shaping up pretty good already.

gentle, late sun on christmas eve

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Today I had lunch again with Ceri and his lovely father Al, and when I came into the street to walk home I found this. This gentle sun looks like Christmas Eve usually feels to me. I hope your Christmas Eve is (was) peaceful too.

The Esplanade, Toronto

gentle, late sun on Christmas Eve

Esplanade Christmas Eve
Today I had lunch with Ceri and his lovely father Al, and when I came into the street to walk home I found this.  This gentle sun looks like Christmas Eve usually feels to me.  I hope your Christmas Eve is (was) peaceful too.  

This is a Visual Realia post.

walking and beauty splashed all over a weekend

Over the weekend Ceri and I spent a good deal of time walking around.  We did the forty minute walk back and forth between each other’s places a number of times; at one point yesterday taking the long way around to stop and have the big brunch and $3 Caesars by the lake as we did a few weeks ago. (Justified of course by all the walking.)

Saturday we met up for lunch downtown after he’d spent a few hours in the office and I got a very happy re-blonding of my blonde.  We managed to make it through the throngs at Yonge-Dundas Square pretty much unscathed and lunched at a brew pub looking down from the second floor into Yonge Street and for a little while, the Occupy Toronto protest making a pass-through.

Yesterday we strolled around his beautiful and historic St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, a place of enormous riches for someone who seeks out beauty in the corners of a city.  The thing I love about living in the heart of a big city is that there is always some new inspiration, some new splash of colour or interesting character to stimulate the imagination.  It’s particularly easy to find these things in neighbourhood gems like this one.  Ceri was ever patient as I stopped every minute or so to be inspired once again through my camera’s lens.

As we stood outside the lovely façade of an old bookstore looking through the window at the cacophony of stacks and piles that simply could not bear the slightest bit of organization or categorization, I said “I believe your neighbourhood is going to have to be beautiful thing number seventy-six.”

Japanese maple
Jason george

We weren't sure if the bicycle cops had to do with the Occupy Toronto protesters camped out a number of blocks away, or a potential going out of control of unruly children and their parents making their way downtown to see the Santa Claus parade.