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leaving and arriving

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Every time we get on the ferry to come home, we walk over to the other side of the ferry so as to have a spot to wave at our people after the ferry gets turned around to head out of the bay and south.  This old cabin on the Wikwemikong side of the bay, then, is always the first thing I look at on leaving the island.

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South Baymouth is the second thing I look at, after the ferry turns around.

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South Baymouth Lighthouse, Manitoulin Island.

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Approaching Tobermory on the Chi Cheemaun.

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Approaching Tobermory

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Chi Cheemaun Ferry

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Welcome home to Toronto.  Back to the "real" world.

an island state of mind

I squeezed a few more days of vacation to come up to Manitoulin Island with my family.  Rest, food, games, walks and wine.  Mostly rest.  The island is a gentle and beautiful place. For some reason, this year, I'm wanting more of the gentle and beautiful than I'm going to get.  But I sure am appreciating the moment.


The shed and clothesline.




The turtle family working on their tans in the middle of the pond.


Sunlight on new apples.


Daisies and Black Eyed Susans in Dad's garden.


The entrance to one of the local trails in South Baymouth.

in which jennifer gets some holiday

I'm officially on holidays.  I even took (almost) an extra week at the last minute. 

I hope to blog.  I've got a couple of posts in my head I want to get out there before I leave Sunday.  I've got a fancy new phone that should facilitate quicky picture posts at the very least.  After that, who knows?  I've gotten so I don't know how to do anything online without an instant wireless connection.  And where I'm going, it's all "huh? wireless what?"