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small bit of something really big

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It's rainy and blustery here, but nothing serious so far.  The sky doesn't give any indication of the size of that cloud formation, which swirls over a large part of the Atlantic and a significant part of America. 

I'm itching to get home tonight, but I stop and think about how small I am, how small my city is, in relation to that cloud. 

raindrops starting

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They say a storm's coming.  In the meantime, falling drops on this fake rock pond are lovely.

variable like spring


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Overcast, and streetcar cables at King and Spadina, Toronto

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A basket of wine bottles with fun orange labels.

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Fresh mown grass. FRESH MOWN GRASS. How uplifting is THAT smell the first time you smell it in the spring?

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Thunder-stormy sky. It started raining just as I got to this corner. I got a little wet, subsequently, but I didn't mind.

a haiku wish on a mean december day


Sled, swoop down and whisk
me ahead of Mad Wind’s rage,
thrashing icy whips.


Magpie sled 
This is a Magpie Tale.  For more creative takes on this and other beautiful visual prompts, click here.

snow skirting around

All my people back home are talking about the snow.  And apparently it's really hitting the Northeast US.  And it's all over Europe.  Everyone seems to be getting snow but us. 

We've had rain all day.  All day I've been feeling a left out of a good snowstorm.

Nevertheless – I know how to appreciate a rainy day.  The clouds were low and full of drama, and they love to make a show over the lake.  I never don't appreciate living by the lake.

Rainy Day 3

Rainy Day 5