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you do what you can with what you got

Okay, often these for charity songs aren't that great.  Musically.  You know what I mean – usually they're kind of sappy, but they're designed to grab your heartstrings, the ones that are connected to your wallet.  And that's wonderful – that artists and famous people can use their situation to call attention and money to places where it's needed is as it should be.  You wanna dis Bob Geldof?  Accomplish what he has and then let's talk. 

Anyway, Jian Gomeshi tweeted about this song before it was released, and the first thing I thought was "another sappy charity song," but you know he was right – it's a really great collaboration on a really great song.  Spend a couple of bucks at i-tunes, get a great, not-sappy-at-all song and help out a problem hasn't gone away despite its disappearance from the headlines.

(Oh, and seeing Jim Cuddy and Tom Cochrane in this group called "young Canadian artists for Haiti" is really fun because they're both older than me!)

take a load off

I'm always a little late discovering good tv shows.  I think I started watching Seinfeld in its second-last season.  Probably part of that is me not being much of a "joiner-inner" and not inclined to watch things just because everybody else is. (Er, in my defence though, during the Seinfeld glory days I WAS also a single mother of two little girls and going to university full time while holding down some part-time jobs, but I digress…)  Anyway, usually when I discover these things I never seem to remember when they're on so watching them often becomes an occasional pleasant surprise kind of thing. 

This was the case last year when I discovered the show "Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…"  I still don't ever seem to remember when it's on, I just stumble upon it every odd week or so.  And every time I do I think it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Most of that is about Costello's reverence for music and his guests that create it.  He's engaged, and so then are we.  And that audience – I've described the show as an "Inside the Actors Studio" for musicians.

Anyway, I didn't see the particular episode which begat the video below.  I sure wish I had.  It's one of my favourite songs – more than that – a family favourite song.  A song of such oddness and magic that few ever tried to cover it; and those that did produced something akin to REALLY LAME. 

Well, guess what – this one, recorded on Costello's Spectacle, is gorgeous.  Some great tv and an even greater song. 

This one's for my sisters and my daughters.