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Out Walking: Yorkville, Queens Park, Yonge Street, King Street

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Ice Sculpture, Ice Festival, Yorkville, Toronto

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Detail of ice sculpture, Ice Festival, toronto

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Me (reflection) and Cow, Yorkville, Toronto
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King Edward VII, Queens Park, Toronto
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Long February shadows and streetcar tracks, King Street, Toronto

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Crescent Moon (or groovy canoe in the sky) and Toronto

Another great weekend with Ceri.  Saturday we had breakfast, went and shopped stuff we don't really need for fun (and sensibly didn't buy), went up to Yorkville (despite wicked cold wind coming down from the north) to see the Ice Fest, stopped for pint and snack on Yonge Street on the way back, had dinner at lovely little pizza place in his neighbourhood and then looked at that crescent moon rocking over the city like a groovy canoe before going to bed. 

gentle, late sun on christmas eve

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Today I had lunch again with Ceri and his lovely father Al, and when I came into the street to walk home I found this. This gentle sun looks like Christmas Eve usually feels to me. I hope your Christmas Eve is (was) peaceful too.

The Esplanade, Toronto


How does it feel to start moving outdoors again?  It's like your feet get itching after a few hours at work.  You start to get claustrophobic.  You notice people graviating toward doors and windows.  You sneer at the angry drivers honking insults at one another.  No wonder they're angry, they're stuck inside their cars. 

You step out in the morning and your mood lifts.  By the time you get to work you're already thinking about lunch hour – and not the lunch part.

Beautiful thing (#18) noted every lunch hour walk this week:  shadows. 

Sun through trees2

Sun through trees3