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a door and a bulletin board

It wasn't so bad going back to work after the long weekend.  I started a new walking route, taking a longer way to and from work, via Richmond Street.


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Richmond Street, Toronto


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Spadina Avenue, Toronto




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The CHUM Radio sign, Richmond and Duncan Streets, Toronto

I'm really enjoying the effects of people walking into my photographs.  They're wonderfully ghostly.

CHUM Radio, and its sign, lived on Yonge Street for 50 years.  Well, I'm not sure if the sign was 50 years old, but assuming close to it.  Anyway, the property was sold for the development of – surprise – a condo, and the station and its sign were moved to Richmond Street.  I will always think of CHUM as a Top 40 station, even though I didn't move to Toronto until many years after the station reincarnated itself (a number of times). 

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Adelaide Street, Toronto

Pretty sure this sign isn't as historic, but tonight I'm enchanted with neon.