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a forgotten nursery rhyme is unforgotten on a tuesday morning

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One misty, moisty, morning,
When cloudy was the weather,
There I met an old man
All clothed in leather

All clothed in leather,
With a cap under his chin.
How do you do?
And how do you do?
And how do you do again?

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dreary afternoon, yellow door

raindrops starting

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They say a storm's coming.  In the meantime, falling drops on this fake rock pond are lovely.

rainy king street on a walk to work

a gap in the clouds

I get home from the long work day after a weekend of fun, after riding in the rain and wet streets, and as I'm locking up my bike I see this rainbow showing itself between a gap in the clouds.  It's kind of like the universe is saying, "Aw c'mon, it's not so bad!  You get a short work week, and it's autumn!  Autumn is nice!  Happy up kid!"

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Neither the heavily overcast sky nor PhotoShop can disguise those dirty windows.

it was a fierce competition…


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… between the looming thunderstorm, the pink clouds and the cerulean sky. 

Can't call a winner, but it was sure nice being out there.  Summer, I'm so glad you're here.

it was a slaughter

Gusty, rainy, windy. Tree carnage. Mass umbrella slaughter.  I won't even talk about what happened to the CN Tower.

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I guess this is the spot where you present the umbrella carcasses back to the city. Maybe it's where the magic cleaning up faeries come and send them off to umbrella heaven.

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Disappearing tower. From Windsor Street near Front Street, Toronto

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Continuing to disappear. CN Tower, from Queens Quay at Rees, Toronto

Purple Coat


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Spadina Avenue at Front Street, Toronto.

It was 15°C when I left for work this morning.  Practically spring!  Didn't wear gloves, or a scarf.  When I left work to come home it was 5° and gusting winds and drizzling, sleeting and even hail at one point.  My hands were so cold, holding my umbrella and my camera that I couldn't hold the camera still enough to get a clear shot of anything.  This one came out relatively clear and I'm glad.  I liked this couple, and particularly the colour of her coat and beret against the grey evening.  I have no idea what their faces look like, but from behind, they reminded me of my friends Jamie and Frank. 


the colours of a rainy day in january

Last night Ceri and I were talking about how difficult it is to wake up in the mornings these days, and I agreed with him that’s it’s all January’s fault.  Then, this morning I find wakefulness particularly elusive and when I finally drag myself out of bed I find it’s because it’s even darker than usual, thanks to heavily overcast skies and rain outside.  My discombobulated state lingers when I find my apartment still dark as night even at 8:30 when I’m leaving for the office.  As I round into Spadina Ave. the wind whips down and tries to wrestle my umbrella from me, but I win and when I get up into the street it’s not so bad. 

I adore the colour of the atmosphere when it rains; I think that’s why I have this perpetual love for rainy days.  The colours are mystical, and they paint the world under those clouds sinking low to enclose us protectively, and the glint of wet pavement, and lights taking on an incandescent glow sparkle against that purple-blue-grey hue in a way I find both comforting and inspiring. 

Okay, generally, rainy days in January are not so charming.  But it’s +4C and feeling absolutely balmy.  Thinking about the forecasted big freeze coming our way this weekend, me and my rose – I mean purple-blue-grey – coloured glasses try to capture photos of the colours over the course of my journey while considering buying a new warm coat because it is, after all, January.

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The colours of rain – beautiful thing number eighty-three.