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a forgotten nursery rhyme is unforgotten on a tuesday morning

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One misty, moisty, morning,
When cloudy was the weather,
There I met an old man
All clothed in leather

All clothed in leather,
With a cap under his chin.
How do you do?
And how do you do?
And how do you do again?

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all wet

Somebody rode her bike to work today.  Somebody didn't check the weather forecast before doing so. 

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rainy day twit

Rainy day2 
(With apologies to my Twitter peeps, who may or may not have heard it all before…)

Clock barged in this morning, Sky was telling me it was a different time. Autumn invited me to stay in bed a little longer. I did.

Autumn invited me to linger in bed. Rainy Day said "why not take the day off and make soup?" Sadly I had to decline.

Rainy Day invited me to stay home and make soup; had to decline. But Lentil Soup called from the freezer. Glad you could come along Soup!

Rainy Day and Pyjamas have joined forces and are together calling me to go home and cook something warm.  Hold on you two! Love to but busy!

Thanks Rainy Day. Busy but can only think about what I’m going to cook. Refrigerator: “Sorry ‘bout your luck pal, but Grocery Store!”

Rainy Day and Pyjamas (in unison): “Sucks to be you!”

Refrigerator: “sorry pal but you gotta go shopping if you want to cook tonight.” Puddle & Driver on Spadina (in Unison): “Muuuhahahahaha!”