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fixing the part of the idea that wasn’t good

Okay it’s not working.  Those kind friends who have been visiting me here for a long time will agree.  I started the photo journal for the purpose of feeding my creative hankerings, enhancing my ability to see.  To see if I could commit to a daily act for a year.  I wanted to enrich the Realia project, add more layers and depth to it.

But my participation in it has distracted me from the writing Realia efforts.  I remain committed to putting up a photo a day, and I am still really enjoying it.  But I miss living here in this space.  I still want to be here and share stories about my life and experiences.

Some time ago I came to the conclusion that I never should have started a second blog, that I should have just incorporated the project into this one.  I did play around with that at first, with the photo project on a different page, but I found it was easier to keep the projects separate by just having a second blog space. Why did I feel the need to keep them separate?  Who knows?  Call it a brain fart.

Back when I was first working out the ideas for Realia, I saw it as a space that would change and evolve and grow, as I’d hoped I would.  Of course the photography project is representative of growing and changing and evolving.  So why not incorporate a photo a day project into it?  It makes sense to me to merge the projects.  Simple is always best; one space is enough.  It’s all part of my story; it’s all my realia.

So my plan is to move the photo blog back over to this one and incorporate them back into one project.  The photos will continue to be posted daily, and they will be accompanied more often with the stories.

I hope this won’t alienate the people who come here to read what I write.  At least there will be some fresh content when you do come!  And I hope those who subscribe to me on the photo site will update their feeds and visit here instead. 

It’s sure great to have you along, whether for the stories or the pictures.  Roll on!


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An alley off Pearl Street, Toronto

So many interesting things to find in an alley.  Like the shapes in this one.

pearl street again

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I think this is a nice view up Pearl Street, looking east.

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A steel door. Pearl Street, Toronto.

Walked into work via back streets again this morning. 



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…for Ceri.  I've missed his presence at my table.