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gentle, late sun on christmas eve

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Today I had lunch again with Ceri and his lovely father Al, and when I came into the street to walk home I found this. This gentle sun looks like Christmas Eve usually feels to me. I hope your Christmas Eve is (was) peaceful too.

The Esplanade, Toronto

happy accident

The proverbial hip shot.

(In which neither I, or my hip, knew the camera was on.)

Happy accident clouds 
Yes, I kind of like that tiny tuft of a stranger's hair. Given that there were hundreds and hundreds of people around that day, I think the tiny hint of one strangers's head is another lucky accident.


I've been fooling around with my new phone camera.  The "posterize" setting turned this ugly blue advertising blimp into a wonderfully mysterious flying object.

 Blimp 1
Blimp 2 

a big ol’ beautiful world

I'm not sure how I even happened along the opportunity, but my new bloggy friend Fire Byrd has taken it upon herself to create a new bloggy collective:  Beautiful World.  It's designed to celebrate, well, you get the picture.  She's collected a bunch of up-for-it-folks from around the globe to take pictures of their respective corners of said globe, and to interpret what they feel is beautiful about it.

As someone who has been wanting to become a more practised and effective photograher, I jumped at the excuse to take more pictures and share them.  In fact, I'd been thinking about starting a new photo blog of my own.  I like the idea of being a part of bigger photo blog project better. 

If you fancy joining in and showing the internet world your version of "beautiful place" – then contact Fire Byrd via the website.  There's plenty of room in this big ol' beautiful world.

 Beautiful World