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The holidays are coming. This is the kind of song (project) I think needs dusting off right now. Lately the political kerfuffle has worn me down; in my city and beyond. You?  Maybe we could all take a rest from it all for a little while as as we settle in for winter? 


rainy sunday brunching

It's one of those little gifts life hands you every once in awhile: a rainy Sunday morning.  That which invites you to have coffee in bed, to loaf around in your pyjamas and to think of things to cook.  Tomorrow I'm heading out of town for the week for work, so I've got some things in the refrigerator to use up, like a red pepper and some zucchini.  I had recently noted this recipe in my Pinterest recipe collection which I'd saved from my favourite foodie blog,, and decide to make it, modified to incorporate some not-so-skinny pancetta, also sitting there in the refrigerator.  More thumbs-up from both sides of the table.

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Cook slices of onion until they're browned. Caramelizing works best if you do it slow and long; but that tends to make people in the household hungrier faster.  Today I counter pre-brunch hunger with fruit bowls of pomegranate, pear and grapes and cook the onions slow.

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Add in matchsticked zucchini and chopped bell pepper and cook until soft.

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Transfer cooked veg and some cooked pancetta to a pie plate. Whisk a combination of eggs and egg whites together with fresh grated parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, and a few drops of hot sauce and pour over top of the veg mixture.

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Bake 20-25 minutes at 400 F.

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Tastes great as a next-day leftover.

dreary afternoon, yellow door

hello winter

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Friday night.  After work we meet up with Carly for "beer o'clock" at our favouite local. Winter has returned today and it's tossing snow around the street like wispy ribbons.  I have refused to bust out my warm winter coat yet, and thus walking outside to head home in my inadequate coat makes the blustery wind more unpleasant than it might otherwise.  Hello winter. 

view from a window

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Canada Permanent Trust Building, Toronto
























Today I am participating in a long conference call and so I camp out in a vacant office so I can close the door and put the phone on speaker.  The office overlooks Adelaide Street and one of my favourite downtown buildings, the Canada Permanent Trust building. I get watching the office workers on several floors and it strikes me that each floor is a separate world of its own, each person oblivious to the others moving about above and below. That gets me to thinking about the thousands and thousands of office workers moving about the the windows of all the office buildings downtown, like worker ants. The thought of being a worker ant makes me a little depressed so I turn my attention back to the meeting and get on with my job.

park, at night, walking home

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Walking through the newly landscaped Clarence Square Park on my way home; looking back toward Wellington Street. It's a substantial improvement to that little part of the city, and includes a large, fenced dog run and numerous new trees. My enjoyment of the one-minute walk through it mornings and evenings is enhanced too.


who doesn’t love a parade?

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View from my office building.  In which the Toronto Argonauts are celebrated for winning the 100th annual Grey Cup.  Fun to see all those suits bust out of the office for an hour to cheer on the local team.  Strange, too, this parade happening on the day after an unruly and uncouth mayor gets ousted from office on a conflict of interest charge.  The fun never ends.

perspective from a sidewalk

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Pearl Street, Toronto

Perspective from a sidewalk; walking to work on an overcast November morning.


one hundred

It's the Grey Cup weekend.  As a significant portion of the regular visitors to this space are not from Canada, I suppose I should say that the Grey Cup is the championship prize for the Canadian Football League. The CFL is 100 years old this year.  The only people who care a lick about Canadian football, or even know it exists, are Canadians; but they really, really love it. 

Each city that hosts the annual Grey Cup puts on a big party.  It's an especially great party when your team is in the final.  Last year I flew into Vancouver on the day their Lions won the cup.  This year it is in Toronto and our Argonauts are in the final.  Front Street and those around it are closed to accommodate stages and bands and vendors and beer gardens and colourful fans from all over the country.

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We walk up from my place to crash the party.  The wind is wicked and whips down from the north; it's bloody cold.  Football fans from those cccold provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan and Manitoba and Quebec (and they're all here, along with those from the practically local Ottawa and Hamilton and the not the least bit local British Columbia), would laugh at my complaints.  Nevertheless, it's fun to be a part of this very Canadian 100 year old party. 

Later, warming the cockles in Fionn's, we enjoy watching some of those colourful fans have the kind of fun they may (or may not) regret tomorrow – game day. I've never been a football fan, but the spirit's infectious, if not the desire to squirt lemon in my eye before tossing cheap tequila down my gullet.  Call me a woosy.


sun rising, toronto harbour, thursday

This morning I get up and, waiting for the kettle to boil, I pull the curtains back and look out the window and find the photo of the day. 

Hello Thursday.  I'm glad to see you.

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