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view from a window

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Canada Permanent Trust Building, Toronto
























Today I am participating in a long conference call and so I camp out in a vacant office so I can close the door and put the phone on speaker.  The office overlooks Adelaide Street and one of my favourite downtown buildings, the Canada Permanent Trust building. I get watching the office workers on several floors and it strikes me that each floor is a separate world of its own, each person oblivious to the others moving about above and below. That gets me to thinking about the thousands and thousands of office workers moving about the the windows of all the office buildings downtown, like worker ants. The thought of being a worker ant makes me a little depressed so I turn my attention back to the meeting and get on with my job.

got a french fry?

image from I get busy at work and I take a late lunch, around two.  I've still not re-stocked my refrigerator sufficiently since coming back from my holiday, so I go get a salad at the Longo's salad bar and take it to the little park next to the Bay Adelaide Centre, where plenty of office workers are still sitting, eating, smoking, talking… wanting a little sun, like me.

The gal next to me is sharing her noodle dish with Seagull, that french fry loving lurker.  She snubs the other moocher Pigeon, who wanders into the space every few minutes but seems to be out of her favour for some reason or another.  I'm inclined to feel sorry for Pigeon, but he looks plenty fat and happy and I'm hungry.

After the noodle-sharing gal leaves, Seagull turns his attention to me in his nonchalant way – sending me flirting looks in hopes of some salad-dessert. I don't know – I don't think he's too hard done by either.