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mr. rabbit shows up on earth day

Today, in honour of Earth Day, I go for a walk and spend some time mostly in the Toronto Music Garden near my home.  It's gratifying to find the place coming alive in every corner.  And I hate to think that we have snow forecasted for the next few days. 

No, I'm not kidding.  April Fools Day was 22 days ago.  But nature isn't as delicate as you might think either.  I'm sure it'll be okay in the end.

When I get to the Music Garden, the first thing that greets me is pink.  I'm reminded of a book we enjoyed when my kids were small:

Mr Rabbit and the Lovely PresentIn that book, a girl is looking for a gift for her mother.  Mr. Rabbit helps her, in his indirect way, and in the end she gives her mother a most beautiful birthday gift of colour, which she found in nature.

Yeah, I thought of that book today.


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Happy Earth Day.  Whatever season you're in, I hope you're noticing the colour around you.