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mr. rabbit shows up on earth day

Today, in honour of Earth Day, I go for a walk and spend some time mostly in the Toronto Music Garden near my home.  It's gratifying to find the place coming alive in every corner.  And I hate to think that we have snow forecasted for the next few days. 

No, I'm not kidding.  April Fools Day was 22 days ago.  But nature isn't as delicate as you might think either.  I'm sure it'll be okay in the end.

When I get to the Music Garden, the first thing that greets me is pink.  I'm reminded of a book we enjoyed when my kids were small:

Mr Rabbit and the Lovely PresentIn that book, a girl is looking for a gift for her mother.  Mr. Rabbit helps her, in his indirect way, and in the end she gives her mother a most beautiful birthday gift of colour, which she found in nature.

Yeah, I thought of that book today.


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Happy Earth Day.  Whatever season you're in, I hope you're noticing the colour around you.



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…for Ceri.  I've missed his presence at my table.

same dinner two nights running

Roasted tomatoes with parmesan and oregano and drizzled with olive oil, and toasted triscuit crackers with cheese, onion and pepper.  Glass of red wine.  

After the excess of the holiday season, I've been craving simple, and turned to the same dinner the past two nights running.

I know you're jealous.

This is a Visual Realia post.

indigo sky, crescent moon

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It's bloody cold today, but I made myself get out for a walk.  I'm glad I did because the colour of the sky was the most gorgeous gradation of blues: from asure to cobalt to indigo to navy to midnight.  And probably a whole lot of others I couldn't define.  And it's not even supper time yet.

Queens Quay West, Toronto


This is a 365 Project – wherein I will endeavour to post a photo a day for a year.  

I needed a creative kick in the pants.  And I have been wanting to get back to a more basic daily diary keeping – a basic capturing of my daily comings and goings and getting down those significant moments, without mind to "good" writing or story.  Unlike my main blog, which encompasses many little stories and encounters, this project will evolve as a story over time, it will grow and change as each day unfolds. 

A photo journal fits.  I just like to take pictures, and I take a lot of them.  Sometimes I take photographs to help me find the appropriate words later. Sometimes I just like an image and can't articulate why. Or because I don't want to forget a moment. 

Sometimes there are no words.




why you should journal too

I am pretty much relentless in preaching the benefits journaling in every class I teach. Journaling is a fundamental tool for lifelong learners, writers, artists, teachers and people in general.

If you want to see things more clearly, write about the things you see in a journal. If you want to be transformed by the things you learn, reflect on what that learning has to do with you in a journal. If you want to foster the creative process, write freely in a journal. If you want to improve your writing and communication skills, write in a journal regularly. If you want to re-discover your authentic self – well, you know what to do.

Journaling makes you more aware, it causes you to focus on what’s going on within and around you and to think more critically. Journaling teaches you to write and think freely, and therefore enhances creativity and opens your mind to alternative ideas and options. If you journal, you are more likely to be aware of, and act upon, the hundreds of fleeting ideas and inspirations that thread in and out of your consciousness every day.

If you are aware of the things that inspire you, you are more likely to seek them out; you are more likely to gravitate to the things, people and situations that fulfil you.

gentle, late sun on christmas eve

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Today I had lunch again with Ceri and his lovely father Al, and when I came into the street to walk home I found this. This gentle sun looks like Christmas Eve usually feels to me. I hope your Christmas Eve is (was) peaceful too.

The Esplanade, Toronto


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…lurking about in the wee hours.  An advanced visit, presumably to inspect my non-traditional Christmas Tree, under which he was standing.  I think he approved because there are some gifts.

out walking

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Big walk today, and then walked down to meet Ceri and his father for lunch in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood.  Walked down Church Street for a change.  Had a very enjoyable lunch of chicken parmesan pesto salad with wonderful company in a cosy pub by a gas fire.

out walking

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St. George the Martyr Anglican Church (1845), John Street, Toronto.

Only the bell tower remains after a fire in 1955.  When I was searching out its details online, I found it in a list of "Toronto's Best Makeout Spots."