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good morning

Meet Glenn Gould. He gives me a nod every morning when I walk by the CBC Broadcast Centre on my way to work.

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In afternoons when I'm walking home, I find him enduring tourists.  He poses with them but really, he'd rather not; Glenn was never much inclined to hang out amongst the masses.

Some days I wish I could just sit next to him there, quietly, and watch the world go by and not have to talk to anybody.


in which a daughter says it better

I’m walking home from work this evening to meet up with my sis and my cousin for dinner, and I find this status kicking a little ass amongst friends on facebook:

“[I’m] disappointed to see all of the judgmental, mean and even flat out jokes being said about Amy [Winehouse]'s death.  Addiction is never funny and unless you have a loved one who has gone through a similar struggle [you] have no right to judge a perfect stranger.

This week of all weeks should remind us we all need to practice a little more compassion.”

If you could give your kids one thing, what would it be? 

I’m moving down to number two.  Number one, compassion, seems to be taken care of.

Moments in which you realise a daughter has become much more than you ever hoped she'd be: beautiful thing number 49.

nieces and remembering

When I was their age, I wrote in homemade diaries, I noticed boys and hung out with Lynn at the schoolyard on Tuesday evenings to watch the town's marching band practice.  I got my ears pierced and my period.  I started babysitting.  The extraordinarily compassionate Jack Barnes was my teacher at Amherstburg Public School.  Thank goodness, because it was the only time in my life I was not self-assured. 

We went roller skating at the Amherstburg arena over the summer and wore homemade halter tops tied around the neck with shoestrings.  I wore eyeshadow for the first time; it would have been blue. We still listened to CKLW AM radio, and the Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family were still the shows to watch on Friday night. 

And funny – looking back on the movie screen in my mind, those days were always sunny.

If I could wish anything for Paige and Elaine, it would be that these days are sunny in their memories.  And that they get to have nieces.

Paige and Elaine on the cusp of teenagerhood: beautiful thing number 47.  

dinner and stars

Tonight I had dinner with Kels.  There was chicken, simmered slow with mushrooms and barley, which we had with roasted beets and steamed asparagus and wine.  And talking, mostly.  Before dinner I put on the movie No Direction Home and we listened to it and glanced at it and chatted about it in between conversation about real life. 

These videos aren't from the movie, but the movie got us talking about these songs, and the writer…