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three ships – or a fence


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"I saw three ships come sailing in, come sailing in, come sailing in, I saw three ships come sailing in…"

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A little fence. Spadina Avenue, Toronto

The [big, important] proposal is coming together; feeling better about it than anything I've done since I started this job last June.  Tired though.  Ready for it to be over.

Dinner tonight with Ceri.  I heat up leftover turkey chilli I'd frozen in the freezer.  While messing around in that freezer I found some leftover roasted peppers and onion, and added it to the chilli.  We also had salad wth bocconcini and strawberries (marinated in lemon, lemon zest, oil and wine vinegar), and pita toasted in the oven with olive oil and rosemary. 

It was delicious.

(Bed now – BEFORE eleven.)