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small bit of something really big

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It's rainy and blustery here, but nothing serious so far.  The sky doesn't give any indication of the size of that cloud formation, which swirls over a large part of the Atlantic and a significant part of America. 

I'm itching to get home tonight, but I stop and think about how small I am, how small my city is, in relation to that cloud. 

more rainy, new photo tools

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Walking to Mia's from the station for what will be, as always, a luscious meal.  It's a little hard to walk out – rainy and blustery is real good at inviting you to stay in and, say, do laundry.  Going out finds images like this and thus all kinds of opportuinity to play with my new PhotoShop software that I got with my new computer.  Bear with me as I play – and work out a style!

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Later, I get off the streetcar and walk down Spadina home.  It's still raining, and that makes it quite pretty.  It's almost November friends. I expect a lot of my photos will be night shots again.  And so another year comes around.