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home time snow


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A bike. Front Street, Toronto


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Sculpture of Glenn Gould at the CBC Broadcast Centre, Front Street, Toronto

A little snowstorm at going-home time tonight.  It's sloppy and slick and pretty.  Glenn Gould sits on his Front Street bench in fair and stormy weather; though I think he's pulling his hat a little closer tonight.  When I get down to Spadina, the snow is wet and fat and flying right into my eyes and I get home with a mascara mess and I look like a sopping wet Alice Cooper.


good morning

Meet Glenn Gould. He gives me a nod every morning when I walk by the CBC Broadcast Centre on my way to work.

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In afternoons when I'm walking home, I find him enduring tourists.  He poses with them but really, he'd rather not; Glenn was never much inclined to hang out amongst the masses.

Some days I wish I could just sit next to him there, quietly, and watch the world go by and not have to talk to anybody.