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rainy + twilight = beauty


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Flags at half-mast in front of the CBC Broadcast Centre in honour of Pierre Juneau. Front Street, Toronto


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Front Street, at CBC Broadcast Centre, Toronto


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I was attempting to shoot the reflection of that lamp in the puddle. Not so effective with my phone camera, but the colours! Front Street at John Street, Toronto.

I wasn't as enchanted with this rainy day as I often am because it was windy as hell.  I bent my umbrella this morning just trying to hang onto the thing, and I won't even mention what my hair looked like when I got to work.  It was still kind of nasty on my way back after work, so I walked underground as far as the CBC Broadcast Centre.  When I emerged the dusk was beautifully reflected in the shiny street.


John Street near Front

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A bike. John Street near Front Street, Toronto

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A wintry kind of sign. John Street near Front Street, Toronto

We've hardly had any snow or ice this winter.  But that sign almost makes you want to walk the underground malls instead of the sidewalks, no?  Almost.

out walking

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Today it's very mild (+7C) and I walk downtown the long way to get a birthday gift for a certain youngest daughter who turns 27 on Sunday.  I admire the Hockey Hall of Fame building, as I always do when I walk by it.  Front Street at Yonge, Toronto.
image from's Bay Company, Queen Street between Bay and Yonge, Toronto.  It's the oldest company in North America, but no longer Canadian-owned.  I'm not sure who it belongs to now, but it's still a nice store to shop in.  Don't tell Kelsey where I was was.

walking and beauty splashed all over a weekend

Over the weekend Ceri and I spent a good deal of time walking around.  We did the forty minute walk back and forth between each other’s places a number of times; at one point yesterday taking the long way around to stop and have the big brunch and $3 Caesars by the lake as we did a few weeks ago. (Justified of course by all the walking.)

Saturday we met up for lunch downtown after he’d spent a few hours in the office and I got a very happy re-blonding of my blonde.  We managed to make it through the throngs at Yonge-Dundas Square pretty much unscathed and lunched at a brew pub looking down from the second floor into Yonge Street and for a little while, the Occupy Toronto protest making a pass-through.

Yesterday we strolled around his beautiful and historic St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, a place of enormous riches for someone who seeks out beauty in the corners of a city.  The thing I love about living in the heart of a big city is that there is always some new inspiration, some new splash of colour or interesting character to stimulate the imagination.  It’s particularly easy to find these things in neighbourhood gems like this one.  Ceri was ever patient as I stopped every minute or so to be inspired once again through my camera’s lens.

As we stood outside the lovely façade of an old bookstore looking through the window at the cacophony of stacks and piles that simply could not bear the slightest bit of organization or categorization, I said “I believe your neighbourhood is going to have to be beautiful thing number seventy-six.”

Japanese maple
Jason george

We weren't sure if the bicycle cops had to do with the Occupy Toronto protesters camped out a number of blocks away, or a potential going out of control of unruly children and their parents making their way downtown to see the Santa Claus parade.


blustery wind be damned

It's bloody cold again today.  The wind is bullying its way down Spadina toward the lake, and when you're walking into it, it whips your breath away.  It's probably nothing compared to what it'll be a month from now, but as they say, "it takes awhile for the blood to thicken up."

Anyway, a couple of fortuitous and timely text messages around noon led to me facing that wicked wind up a short way to hook up with my sister for a beer later in the afternoon following her shift in the "plant" (CBC TV).  Okay, mostly I ran – that gnarly wind was trying its best to knock me over, and so the only thing to do is just rev up and run into it.  

There are few things better than a spontaneous few hours with a sister.  A short walk finds a warm pub, a few pints and even a shared bowl of poutine.*  And all things and are now caught up, off our chests, worked out, planned, agreed, arranged, shared and justified.  Even the poutine.


*For the benefit of my non-Canadian friends, poutine is a sinful French-Canadian concoction of french fries, gravy and cheese curds.  When the wind is blowing like that, poutine is 100% justifiable. And well, beach wear is months away…