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it doesn’t burn that much energy, really

Amongst the jumble of people getting off the train at Sheppard Station this morning some of us practically trip over a young lady who pulls a full stop in front of the stairs when she finds they’re not an escalator.  She’s turning around to gauge where the escalator is.  I’m already up the stairs when I wonder if she’s counting the approximate steps to the escalator and measuring that number against the 25 or so steps to the upper platform.

Later, at my office I go downstairs to get a coffee at a coffee shop on the second floor.  There are two windowed doors leading to the atrium/cafe area, and there is a woman standing on the other side of the door on the right, so I go through the door on the left.  She’s standing with another woman, each with a coffee in hand and the other hand free.  The other woman is waving her arm in a “what the hell?” gesture because she’s hitting the disabled person’s door opener which doesn’t seem to be opening the door.

I always wonder if these people really have such an aversion to moving their bodies, or if maybe they feel entitled to use all available technology.  Even when that technology is not intended for them.

As I walk away I imagine in my head a droll voice coming out of the disabled person's door opener (like Carleton the Doorman on the old Rhoda show) saying “Hey – ABLE person!  If you don’t use those muscles they will stop working.”