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standing on a street corner with my sign

Blog Sign Day. I saw that when I visited the ever inspiring Mrs. Mediocrity.  She was referring to a challenge thought up by Debi and Graciel, which arose from this idea:

“life is just overwhelming at times, and we are all
standing on a corner with a sign in our hands
needing something.”

"What do you need?  What would your sign say?" they asked.  I jumped all over it – I love the idea of distilling ideas down, giving due attention to some major internal themes.  And I was also enamoured with the idea of a sign.  If you only had a little square of cardboard on which to put one message, what would you say?  I got thinking about a post I wrote about a year ago inspired by this project about a unique form of communication – signs made by homeless people.  What if you only had the benefit of capturing someone’s glimpse, a few seconds with which to get your message across?  What would you say?

It didn’t take me long to think of a sign.  One of the biggest themes residing within me these days – one of the most important messages I could think of to convey is related to this angry world we are living in these days.  And it’s a world growing more and more so.  We’re fighting amongst ourselves as well as fighting with others.  We’re being pitted against one another by our leaders who are appealing to emotions like anger and fear and I swear to god, not one bit of good’s going to come of it. 

When I made my sign I thought, “gawd, I sound just like my mother.”  Actually, my mother used to say this very thing to us when we were kids and would start bickering with one another.  Now that we’re adults, we think our mother gave us one of the most important lessons of all. 

And if I were standing on a street corner with a sign, this is what my sign would say.  This is what I need:

Be nice