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self-portrait – behind that curtain

Unlike my sisters and my daughters, I've never been comfortable in front of a camera.  So it's a funny thing that I've been wanting to play with self portraits.  I've done a number of them in previous years in my Expressive Arts and other creative classes in all kinds of mediums, and they're a grand tool for exploring that vast place of mystery – the self.  Certainly I could use a little practice in exposing more of ME – something I've never been much up for.  

With all of the new job events and others this summer, I won't get up for one of my annual weeks at the Haliburton School of the Arts to do one of the courses in my Expressive Arts certificate program, so I figure it would be a good idea to do some creative play on my own.  And one gets introspective, I suppose, when one hits a landmark birthday.

I've no interpretation for this one, taken the day before I started my new job.  Except that maybe I'll get more comfortable with the whole camera thing and get out from behind curtainy shields.

14 June 2011

this particular dance

I don’t know how to do it

this dance

and I’ve always hated doing things I’m not good at
at least until
I got good at them
and this particular dance makes me feel
like I’m falling over my feet

or worse

what if
we walked a while

I never was a good multi-tasker
or dancer
of this particular dance

but when we walk
I can think

When I’m mucking about having to focus
on getting the moves
and when I’m dancing where I should be walking
all I can think about
is finding the damn road map

since no map-following
would likely be the better
in this journey
meandering back roads
tripping up surprise hills
into hidden trails

And see
dancing is for eyes closed

and not thinking

“truth” in something
outside the dancer

especially when it doesn’t exist

dancing is for
in that thing

Magpie music 
This is a Magpie Tale.  To find more creative takes on this and other wonderful photo prompts, visit here.  Give it a try – creativity is good for you!

twelve weeks and grateful

Today was the next-to-last class for the current run of my Creative Non Fiction course.  I don’t talk much about my classes here.  That’s because for any person taking a writing (or any kind of art) class, there is a level of personal risk invested.  For lots of people, just signing up for a class like this requires a measure of courage.  Whatever kind of art you make, it’s part of you.  And when you share that art or even your own special process of making it, that’s like baring a part of yourself for what is to you, scrutiny and judgement.  My job as facilitator is to create a safe space in the hopes that people will take those kinds of risks and take their art to a new level.  I like to think of those classrooms as a nest: where ideas are born and fostered, where the world is not allowed in until those ideas are let loose to fly.

I know what the rewards are for anyone who dares tell a story, that’s why I do it.  And being able to participate in the unfolding of a story is a greater gift than its new (or old) writer could ever know. 

If I’m honest, after twelve weeks I am looking forward to getting Saturdays back for awhile.  But, as always, I’m also thinking I’m really going to miss spending Saturdays with a group of people who have grown and evolved into something very special.  Kind of like a snowflake – most beautiful and utterly unique.  Today I’m feeling like I’ve grown a bit more, and that I’ve got an even greater appreciation for the story than I did when I came in.  Each person in this class has contributed a little bit more to who I am – as a faciliator, and as a person.  I couldn’t be more grateful.

some haiku variations on a magpie idea

Light in the Window:
Fleeting, I accuse sometimes
Still you prove steadfast

Arrows slung with cheek
You’re a light in the window
To a humble heart

A window’s beacon
I am cloaked in your welcome
Heart’s direction home

 Magpie lamp

This is a Magpie Tale.  For more creative responses to Willow’s wonderful visual creative writing prompts, visit here.  Go ahead – give it a try!  Stretching your creative muscles is good for you.