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all those skies, one great day

I wake up at Ceri's and I text Deb and Mary Jane, who are at my place, to arrange to meet them at Sugar Beach for brunch.  I get there early.  It's not such a bad place to wait, watching the gulls and sailboats dipping and diving in their respective spaces.

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After brunch, we walk downtown and shop a little; noting pretty aspects of buildings here and there.  We go back to the St. Lawrence neighbourhood for a beer, then to the market to find a few items for dinner.  Later we get back to my place, pleased and with sore feet all around.

Later, Ceri, my girls, Cathy and Stan and Jared all arrive.  We put together a light dinner which we share on my condo's roof.  

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We quickly pack up the dishes and leftovers and the bunch of us sets out to walk to the Molson Ampitheatre for the annual Blue Rodeo summer show.  The sky attempts to upstage the band in advance of the show.

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We sit at the top of the hill where we always sit for this event.  I hope, aloud, and for fun, that they play my favourite Blue Rodeo song.  Shortly after, the band shows up onstage and kicks off with that very song.  As always, they put on a stellar performance for the hometown audience.  

Actually, it's a stellar day.  Best day in a long time.