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a big ol’ beautiful world

I'm not sure how I even happened along the opportunity, but my new bloggy friend Fire Byrd has taken it upon herself to create a new bloggy collective:  Beautiful World.  It's designed to celebrate, well, you get the picture.  She's collected a bunch of up-for-it-folks from around the globe to take pictures of their respective corners of said globe, and to interpret what they feel is beautiful about it.

As someone who has been wanting to become a more practised and effective photograher, I jumped at the excuse to take more pictures and share them.  In fact, I'd been thinking about starting a new photo blog of my own.  I like the idea of being a part of bigger photo blog project better. 

If you fancy joining in and showing the internet world your version of "beautiful place" – then contact Fire Byrd via the website.  There's plenty of room in this big ol' beautiful world.

 Beautiful World

new blog space

Welcome to my new blog home.  If you're one of my old friends, thanks for re-directing and I will be eternally grateful if you update your bookmark/feed reader.  If you're new – thanks for stopping by!

The path to TypePad has been a crooked one.  I originally had a self-hosted blog, mainly because I like the name of mine so much I wanted to own it.  I think I still own it actually, but I'm afraid my technical abilities did not measure up to the maintenance of the thing and disaster ensued.

Then I moved to WordPress, mostly because the self-hosted blog was hosted on a platform. However, I never found a design I liked that much.  My original ideas for my blog included the use of images – changing them to reflect moods and seasons, using them to support story themes, etc.  I like to create.  Building a blog home is fun.  It's like developing a personal style – kind of the same as creating a home or a wardrobe.  I get invested in these things and the same goes for my blog.

Blogger is terrific – I use it to create blogs for my classes every semester.  It's easy and has lots of creative freedom.  Unfortunately it doesn't import WordPress blogs, and I wasn't prepared to lose the old posts and comments. 

So I did some reseaching and looking at my favourite blogs and landed upon TypePad.  It gives me the freedom to create and change.  And so here we are. 

I hope this is the last move for me.  Because the most important thing of all about blogging is you.  It's the wonderful interactive process and friends I've come to know.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking into my little part of the world.