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wheels, two, and lots of locks

Today we sleep in, and I feel a little bad because my guests are back at my place and have to find breakfast for themselves.  Who am I kidding?  My guests are just fine, like I knew they'd be.  There is lots of food they make breakfast and take off to deliver Jared's bike to his place.  Ceri goes off to explore new wheel options for my bike and I walk back and meet up with the gals.  Later, we all go for a walk in the Harbourfront, shop the pretty scarves and fabric arts, eat some roasted corn from the One Love Corn Soup guy, and have a Caesar and watch the tourists.

After Deb and Mary Jane get on the road to go home, my lovely main man and I go bike shopping.  Turns out my old wheel is not so easily replaced, and it's more financially feasible to buy a new one on sale.  I decide on this terrifically maneuverable new ride; it feels great to be rolling again.  Ceri provides me with sufficient locking up hardware to ensure neither tires nor seat nor frame will be robbed without big effort and bigger tools under that big light I'm parking it under.

It's been a stellar weekend.  


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New ride. Wheels, seat and frame all locked up under a light.



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If I were a real photographer, I could take a picture of the moon without that glow around it. But boy did it create a spectacular show in the sky tonight, those puffy clouds creating a lovely, soft frame.

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Bike. Being unlocked by Ceri. Heading home after having had Beer O'Clock with Carly at Fionn's. Front Street, Toronto.