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colour in a back street; colour in a brown paper package

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Mural on the back of the Princess of Wales Theatre. Pearl Street, Toronto.

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Stage Door, Princess of Wales Theatre, Pearl Street, Toronto

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A brown paper package tied up with string.

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Colour for my wall, and colour for my fridge poems. Thank you Carol.

It was a drag of a day – I was chained to my desk, all day.  Work got frustrating (no doubt heightened by the not getting away from the desk part).  I didn't have lunch.  I thought I was going to get out of the office right at five, and I got out at six-thirty. 

It got better when I went down Pearl Street for a change and stopped and took a good look at the mural on the back of the Princess of Wales Theatre.  It got way better when I got home and there was a package from the wonderful Carol – not only the promised Scottish magnetic poetry words, but a print of one of her collages which I expressed love for previously. 

"I'd put that on my wall" I said. 

Already searching out the right wall Carol.  Thank you my friend. xo

(Day substantially better.)

another 365 project – art is autobiographical

My friend Carol is venturing on her own 365 Project: Art is Autobiographical, and we've committed to cheering each other on over the course of the year.  Carol's project entails a drawing a day for a year!  I applaud your creative courage, my friend!  I think this will find you great rewards.

Check it out here:  Art is Autobiographical