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never blog in a hurry

It's occurred to me since I wrote that last post that I broke a couple of cardinal blogger rules.  Therefore, so that I might complete what I didn't finsh last time out, that "Gal" telling us why we should find beauty in her weekly Hippie News Activism broadcast is P.E. of Menopausal Stoners who has resided in my blogroll for a long time.  Do visit her – she is mountains more than a great blog title.

And, Selma, you DO have Hippie News.  We all do; it's an online news source found at Worldwide Hippies. Choose your news, that's what I say.

And you guys, if you're getting a double trackback, forgive me.  But I doubt it, I probably forgot that too.

hippie news and a favourite beauty

How much do I LOVE this gal?  She's has to be the smartest, most insightful, ascerbic, funny and talented writer I know.  Slide the video ahead to 5:38 or so and you'll see her in all her marvellousness. 

(THEN – after you've enjoyed Tricia extolling the value of finding beauty, wind back and enjoy Hippie News. Hippie News rocks.)

Tricia and Winston and all the folks at Hippie News – beautiful thing number 60.