summer: beautiful thing number fifty

I've had an unusually social week.  If I wasn't having dinner with company, I was out with Carly seeing the final installment of Harry You-Know-Who in 3D or having a thirteenth birthday celebration for my niece Lainey. 

Summer's been particularly enticing this year.  Each year, I'm drawn out into summer more.  I get panicky when I think even a few moments of it will be wasted.  My mother experiences the same thing; I checked on her last week during a nasty heat wave and she was cranky and feeling squirrelly, trapped indoors.

Most of the summer has been luscious though.  Now that I'm working in the downtown core I escape several times a day for a walk around a different block.  There have been a number of blog posts in my head, but didn't get written because I can't stay in. 

After this very social week, I must say I'm enjoying having some alone time tonight.  But I'm glad you're virtually here, and so I think it's appropriate that I share a little of my summer, and some of those unwritten blog posts with you. 



Cousin Mia and sister Cathy.  Family, light meal, bubbly, sun, breeze…
A view from my condo's roof, the Empire Sandy pointing at the Toronto Island Airport.  Yeah, maybe there is a some soul lacking in condo living, but my building's roof is one of my favourite places to be this summer.
I looked out the window a couple of weeks ago and that moon, as it always does, called me outside.  It was a hazy night in the harbour.
The moon, and an incoming plane, later in that same walk.  One of the best things about living on Lake Ontario?  The lake is south, giving us THAT view of the moon.
Shopping with my niece Lainey in advance of her thirteenth birthday.  Her mom bought her that hat.  Artsy aunt bought her artsy niece some watercolour pencils. 
You know what kind of daughters I have?  the kind that when they have an extra ticket to the U2 show, they invite their mom.
U2. Big. Drama. Doing what they do best in an open air summertime show. 
Daughters and old friends; dinner and beers on a patio on a warm day.
On the roof again; Pati, Kelsey, Carly, Ryan, cool breeze, vegetables, fruit, wine, knockout view.


Oh, and have I mentioned there is a new little boy in our family? I have a new nephew, Logan James, a tiny (well not so tiny) harbinger of all kinds of beautiful newness to our world.  You might not like this when you're a teenager Logan, but right now, you're beautiful thing fifty-one.


Tomorrow I'm off in a rental car to another event which can't be talked about in advance. But when it's over, I really will try to share it with you in writing.



  1. Reply
    Marilyn July 30, 2011

    Wonderful summer and you are living it fully. What could be better. I love the views from your condo!

  2. Reply
    Jennifer July 30, 2011

    You’re right Marilyn. What could be better?

  3. Reply
    Jane July 31, 2011

    excellent writings to you. Bruce likes your condo, sailboats and the moon!!!

  4. Reply
    Jennifer August 1, 2011

    Thank you Janey. I wish you were here sharing these moments. I love you. xo

  5. Reply
    Selma August 2, 2011

    Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. What a great view you have from the roof. I’d be up there all the time.
    Your niece is so gorgeous and congratulations on the new nephew. It is always so cool to welcome a new baby into the family.
    And a U2 concert to boot. They always put on a good show. Hope you enjoyed it!

  6. Reply
    Little hat August 2, 2011

    Wow! Summer sure looks like fun for you Jennifer. Lovely photos and aren’t you lucky your children chose you as their mother.
    And that view of the water. Makes me drool with envy. Condo and view. Yin and Yang in action.

  7. Reply
    Jennifer August 2, 2011

    I must say Selma, I do spend a lot of time up there these days. And the U2 show was fabulous – as I’d expected. I’d not seen them since the 80s, but have not forgotten how good they are. As a local reporter wrote, “No one can work a room like U2 – even when that room has 60,000 people in it!”

  8. Reply
    Jennifer August 2, 2011

    You know Steve, I did think twice before blathering on about summer AGAIN, given that so many of my loveliest bloggy friends are down under and experiencing another season altogether. And here are three of you commenting on this post. Canadians in other provinces might think otherwise, but believe it or not, we do NOT think Toronto is the centre of the universe!
    Thanks for saying my photos are lovely. And Yin and Yang indeed.

  9. Reply
    Gabrielle Jeromy January 26, 2012

    Spending a bright and sunny day with your family, eating a meal, talking and enjoying the scenery from your condo’s roof is a good way of spending quality time with them. These photos are all lovely. And you even got to watch U2! Congratulations to the new member of the family. I almost forgot you are great Mom too!

  10. Reply
    Colby Moore June 29, 2012

    Nothing can be more meaningful than spending the simple and precious moments with your loved ones, right, Jennifer? You had just an amazing U2 concert experience out there! You’re daughters are as lovely as their mother! 😉 Anyway, you’re obviously having a great time living in your condo – capturing simple pleasures from what nature brings you.

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