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Waiting for the Queen car in front of Old City Hall. Whenever I look at those gargoyles up there I wish I had a long zoom lens. I read that the city almost tore down this building in the 60s. I will photograph more details of it before this project is finished, and you will agree that they were insane in the 60s.

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Taken from the 501 Queen streetcar on my way home from the Beaches.

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Fence and grounds at Osgood Hall, taken from the window of the streetcar. Captured the shadows. Did not capture how brilliant that forsythia looked in the sun.

I left work early today to go get my teeth cleaned at my dentist in the Beaches.  I enjoyed the ride on the infamous Queen streetcar.  Infamous for a couple of reasons – one of them is the fact that the cars are always late, always getting tied up with the traffic, as they don't have a dedicated lane on Queen Street; further complicated by it being the longest streetcar route in North America.  When I lived out in the Beaches, I had many a long wait for that car.

Later, Ceri and I met up with brother Scott and sister-in-law Jennifer, who came in from Washington to spend Easter with my family in St. Catharines, and taking a brief, baby-less couple of days in Toronto.  We walked over to Il Fornello on King Street and had dinner with Carly and Kelsey.  Great fun, great visit.  So fun, I forgot to take a picture.

The four of us left Scott and Jen at their hotel and went to Fionn's where we met up with Cathy who had just finished working a Leafs game.

Great night.


  1. Selma April 10, 2012

    You live in a beautiful city and live such a positive, happy life. It makes me glad to know youy have so many wonderful people around you!

  2. Carol April 12, 2012

    It does seem like you live in a different world…we don’t have streetcars in this country and when I read about you travelling on one it seems like something from an old movie.
    Love the pictures as always
    C x

  3. Jennifer April 13, 2012

    Well, thank you my friend. I live a positive life on purpose – a decision I made many years ago. I choose happiness. I do have wonderful people around me – and out there in blogland (including Sydney) too. 🙂

  4. Jennifer April 13, 2012

    You know, that day I took some video shots from the streetcar window as we went through Leslieville. If I can figure out how to string them together I’ll post them, and you can come along for a ride on Toronto’s most infamous route!

  5. Jamie Lees April 14, 2012

    I’ve so missed my walks through Toronto with you. Wonderful to be seeing the city through your eyes again!

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