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Overdue sister date.  Sleepover at Cathy's; we hung out by the fire with Elaine, wine and the George Harrison doc by Scorsese, "Living in the Material World."  Movie was wonderful.  Time with sister and niece – more so.


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    Cathy January 5, 2012

    Was a perfect evening! Hope all your readers/lookers watch that film! Can’t wait for next date! xo

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    Lisa Golden January 5, 2012

    I’m going to look for the movie to watch. Your evening sounds glorious.

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    Carol January 6, 2012

    How cosy does that fire look!! Its blowing a gale here and that fire just looks so inviting!!
    C x

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    Jennifer January 6, 2012

    Me too sis! xo

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    Jennifer January 6, 2012

    DO look for the movie Lisa (HBO up here right now). I’m already wanting to watch it again. It was glorious.

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    Jennifer January 6, 2012

    Oh I bet the fire looked inviting – hope your weather has calmed! It was cosy indeed.

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    Jamie Lees January 6, 2012

    Very inviting… “and one little chair for you to curl up in right by the fire…. now look up, waaaay up…”
    Brought back some memories.

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    Jennifer January 8, 2012

    haha! Oh, Friendly Giant where are you?

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