rockabilly brunch

Sunday we go to check out the Rockabilly Brunch at the Dominion on Queen. It’s afternoon by the time we get out the door and we’d already had a late breakfast but we thought we’d partake in rockabilly sans food.  The temperature is dropping but the sun is out, and it’s a fun walk I hadn’t done before.

Later, we're sitting there chatting and admiring the pretty and slightly dive-y (in a good way) joint and enjoying the music, when Ceri points out an old soul that has stopped at the window in the street behind the band and is staring in, mouth open, as if she's never seen anything so bizarre as four musicians standing in a window playing rockabilly. 

She stands there agape, then stomps over to a different window and stares in some more.  She's got the hood from a hoody underneath her coat pulled over her head.  Her face in the corner of the window, mouth only closing long enough to take a drag of her cigarette and release the smoke in a frigid cloud that hangs sluggish around her head.

I wonder what's got her so taken with the Sunday afternoon happenings in the bar.  She looks like she's probably a neighbourhood resident, and certainly music is a regular event at this spot; not as bizarre as it reflects on her face. 

Okay, she's not in possession of all her faculties, but I still wonder what's captured her attention so. I think maybe she's remembering a past life, in which she’d frequent a place like this – maybe even the Dominion on Queen – and enjoyed music in the company of a circle of other locals. Or maybe she was even a singer once.  Or fancied a young bloke like that singer in the rockabilly band.

Maybe she would come here on a Sunday afternoon, a warm place to go on a cold day.

I'm imagining all this and writing the moment down and when I look up she's gone.  And I think, whatever the story, I like the idea of residents old and new being so much a part of their community’s fabric that they are in tune with every nuance; take interest in every whisker of activity.  I think that it’s most likely that old lady was just participating in Rockabilly Brunch like the rest of us.



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Community – in all corners of a city – beautiful thing number eighty-seven.



  1. Steve capelin March 6, 2012

    Looks lovely Jenn. Maybe you should write some lyrics for the band. “So many beautiful things”. Maybe NOT in a Sound of Music “whiskers on kittens” style. I’m in a non blogging mood at the moment but still reading. steve

  2. Jennifer March 6, 2012

    Thanks Steve. Those blokes did pretty good without my interference, buy hey – maybe you’re onto something! Definitely not a “whiskers on kittens thing…”
    Non-blogging mood is okay. I try to forgive myself for it. We fall into the trap of thinking its not okay. Maybe you’re writing is just wanting to re-assess itself. Or, maybe you just need a rest from the “get a post up there” mindset.

  3. Steve March 8, 2012

    Yes. It’s strange. I quite like the feeling that I should be writing something most times, but for the moment it feels like a task rather than a pleasure. It’ll come back. How is it with you?

  4. Jennifer March 10, 2012

    All good with me! Life full. Wanting to write much more, feeling inspired – need to shift they way I approach my time management!

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