refrigerator poem

Fridge Poem 10Dec11


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    Jamie Lees December 11, 2011

    Love it! Wish my fridge would write me poetry like that! lol.

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    Jennifer December 11, 2011

    I bet it would if you were really nice to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Susannah December 11, 2011

    Beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Steve capelin December 12, 2011

    29 words, 32 magnets. I’d like to think that that is your total collection? Yes? In which case it’s brilliant. Now you have to write a new poem each week using the same 32 pieces until you exhaust the possibilities – still making mostly sense from them. Or if nonsense is your style you could follow in the footsteps of that famous non-existent Australian poet Ern Malley.
    ‘Growl / like the wild sea’ I like that. took me back to stradbroke Island.

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    Jennifer December 12, 2011

    Why thank you!

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    Jennifer December 12, 2011

    Sorry, but it’s but a few from a bowl full of words. Core words drawn randomly, then filled in with words like “the” and “my” after the poem emerged. (I couldn’t find a “now” which I think would have improved the poem substantially, so it is what it is.)
    However, I accept your challenge!
    “Non-existent Australian poet Ern Malley” – I’m intrigued. I suppose it’s not something related to non-existent poetic talents, a la ME? But I do like the growling wild sea too, though I’ve only experienced the sea a few times and it never growled and seemed far from wild when I visited. I’ll take your word for it.

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    Steve capelin December 12, 2011

    Jenn, the sea both growls and barks in my experience. It also sings and lulls.
    Ern Malley – Its a long story (which is well documented on line)- in 1944 , as the avant gard writers began to write fre form poetry and broke from the literal and rhyming forms two conservative poetswho hated this new stuff decided to pul a hoax on the literary world by creating a fictional poet and writing a series of poems which were composed more or less from random phrases. They were published in the local magazine, angry Penguins, and he was hailed as a marvellous new voice. Ultimately exposed as a hoax Ern nevertheless continued to be regarded as one of the new avant gard poets of his time (even though conveniently dead – part of concealing the hoax). The story gained mythological status and 60 odd years later is still talked about and debated in literary circles.

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    Jennifer December 13, 2011

    That’s a marvellous story about ol’ Ern. Maybe I’ll call him my muse whenever me and my magnetic words hang out at the refrigerator.

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