really cold, jazz listening january afternoon


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It was -14C when we woke up yesterday.  I was really glad I'd bought my new coat and I'm happy to say it did keep me warm when we went out in the afternoon to catch some music at the Rex Jazz and Blues Bar on Queen Street and have a few pints.  That up there was the Laura Hubert band and they were terrific.  We enjoyed Danny Marks and Friends before them. 

We walked back down John Street and stopped for a burger.  I liked these windows from the perspective of our upstairs seat at the restaurant.


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Dark, coming home, and we were thinking the CN tower was looking especially cold.  I liked the lines of steel underneath.  Had it been less cold, I might have attempted a better composition of the two elements of the picture.  While my coat kept me warm, my gloves were less than effective in keeping my poor fingers comfortable.  Note to self:  buy good mittens.


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    Carol January 15, 2012

    I adore Jazz and have been to Ronnie Scotts in London a few times…not nearly as often as I would like though!
    The colours in the windows pic are beautiful…the cool blues against the warm tones of the brick work really well!
    I am loving the last picture! The lines and circles are really interesting…almost looks like an alien space ship beaming someone down (or picking someone up :-D)
    C x

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    Selma January 15, 2012

    You’re right. The windows are awesome. I really am enjoying getting out and about in the city with you!

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    Jennifer January 15, 2012

    Ronnie Scotts sounds fab! A lot of people called the CN Tower an “alien space ship” when it was first built – but not it a good way! I think it lends great drama to our skyline.

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    Jennifer January 15, 2012

    I guess it’s as I enjoy getting out into your city with you!

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    Jamie Lees January 19, 2012

    The colour in the tower looks great Jen. Terrific shot. Seriously alien-like. Imagine if the aliens came down from the tower and said “Take me to your leader”… and you had to present them to Mayor Ford?

  6. Reply
    Jennifer January 19, 2012

    (Laughed out loud.) Oh my word, what a thought! Ford would likely call 911: “ALIENS ARE HERE AND I’M THE MAYOR YOU BITCHES!”

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