real snow

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King Street West, Toronto

Today I go downtown to have lunch with Monica and when it's time to come home I find it snowing.  Real snow – the kind that sticks. I take the long way home just to enjoy it. Come home and put chilli in the crock pot and curl up with a cup of tea and "That's Entertainment" (all three parts) on TCM, watching the blustery looking harbour across the street.

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At the edge of Pecaut Square next to Roy Thompson Hall at King Street, Toronto.  I enjoy walking through this little corner and pathway every morning on my way to work.

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Pecaut Square, between King and Wellington Streets, Toronto. 


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    Lisa Golden December 30, 2011

    It’s a pretty dusting, but it does give me a chill.

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    Jennifer December 30, 2011

    And it is certainly chilly! Always ready to embrace it at first; come February I’ll be a huge complainer about it!

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