rainy + twilight = beauty


image from www.flickr.com

Flags at half-mast in front of the CBC Broadcast Centre in honour of Pierre Juneau. Front Street, Toronto


image from www.flickr.com

Front Street, at CBC Broadcast Centre, Toronto


image from www.flickr.com

I was attempting to shoot the reflection of that lamp in the puddle. Not so effective with my phone camera, but the colours! Front Street at John Street, Toronto.

I wasn't as enchanted with this rainy day as I often am because it was windy as hell.  I bent my umbrella this morning just trying to hang onto the thing, and I won't even mention what my hair looked like when I got to work.  It was still kind of nasty on my way back after work, so I walked underground as far as the CBC Broadcast Centre.  When I emerged the dusk was beautifully reflected in the shiny street.



  1. Reply
    Jamie Lees February 25, 2012

    These pics are beautiful, the light is perfect. The first one reminds me of an architectural rendering with a walking couple. But I would kill to see some hair pics too!

  2. Reply
    Susannah February 26, 2012

    Beautiful atmospheric photos!

  3. Reply
    Jennifer February 27, 2012

    haha, well the hair wasn’t worth photographing, I can assure you! Like the idea of an architectural rendering of the couple – am really taken with strangers getting into my photos these days.

  4. Reply
    Jennifer February 27, 2012

    Thank you – rain does wonderful things with that atmosphere, doesn’t it?

  5. Reply
    Carol February 27, 2012

    The colours are beautiful and really do give the photos a certain something 🙂
    C x

  6. Reply
    Jennifer February 27, 2012

    Thanks – I agree. The filter is meant for nature photography, it saturates the colours. But I love what it does for city photos!

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