pleasantly tired

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Hydrangeas blooming at York Quay. Magical splashes of blue, purple and pink on a Sunday morning.

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Ship and Ferry. Waiting for Cathy and Stan at York Quay.

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Bike ride out to Humber River. Funny what you find when you stop for a drink of water in Toronto.

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Sugar Beach. Apres bike ride.

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Jazz Fest at the Distillery District. Kept noticing this girl in the second storey window near where we had planted ourselves to listen to music for awhile.

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Found this museum-ish display near the public loo at the Distillery District. How beautiful are those colours?

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Distillery District, Toronto

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Distillery District, Toronto


Coffee in bed.  Meeting up with Cathy and Stan for brunch.  Rain not happening.  Bike ride.  Jazz fest.  

Coming home this evening, I see a girl who looks strikingly like I did 35 years ago.  It's like seeing a ghost.

Pleasantly tired is how Ceri describes himself at the end of today.  I concur.  


  1. Carly June 25, 2012

    I LOVE all of these photos!!! the last two remind me of a postcard.

  2. Jennifer June 25, 2012

    Thanks kid! I was pretty happy with my weekend photos…

  3. Steve capelin June 26, 2012

    Nice set of photos. Very professional.

  4. Jennifer June 26, 2012

    Thanks Steve!

  5. Selma June 26, 2012

    I LOVE YOUR HYDRANGEAS. A lot of people regard them as old-fashioned but I would love to have a garden full of them. They are just so gorgeous. I agree, your shots are really professional. You get better all the time!

  6. Jennifer June 27, 2012

    I happen to love old-fashioned flowers. Anyway, when they’re spilling out of great mounds like this, what’s not to like? As you say, they’re just so gorgeous.

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