Saturday, Ceri and I are at a local pub having a late afternoon beer and snack, and at the table next to us are three people having a conversation about work.  We know this because the voice of the guy dominating the conversation gets louder and louder as his stories progress.  He’s bitter.  Apparently his employers are idiots and have created a horribly unhappy environment to work in.  He talks about how he would manage the sorry people he is forced to work with, and tells tales of one in particular.  He talks about how he would “fire her ass” and about how good he was at firing people when he was the boss.  The conversation goes on and on and the guy gets louder and more incensed with every tale of the horribleness of his workplace.  And as we get up to go home, all I can think about is how glad I am that I don’t have to work with that guy.


Later, just as we get home I shout, “wow, look at that!”  It was this year’s “super moon” beginning to rise over the lake.  We go out onto the balcony and start photographing it.  It’s a giant luminescent ball of gorgeousness drifting there in the sky, causing ribbons of light to fall across the water.  I recall overhearing a gal talking about last year’s super moon and saying “I was so disappointed.”  I wondered, was she expecting it to sing and dance too?  Looking at it this year I can’t imagine how anyone could find it disappointing.

As we’re watching the moon float higher and higher, lighting the cruise boats sailing beneath it, we notice two young guys in the parking garage next to my building taking pictures in the opposite direction with a fancy camera with a long lens.  We’re not sure what they’re shooting, but we can’t believe it could be more interesting than that moon creating such drama over that lake. 

They see Ceri and I and our cameras on the balcony gazing southward, and look as if they’re wondering aloud what we’re taking pictures of.  Ceri points in the direction of the moon, but they just stand there.  Eventually they walk over near the south facing wall and look in the general direction where Ceri was pointing, but the wall would have blocked their view of the moon. 

A few minutes later we see them walk out into the street, right under that magnificent orb, oblivious to its show.

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It never disappoints me.  For that reason, it's beautiful thing number ninety.


  1. Donald Kinney May 9, 2012

    Oh lord, work… But the problems are never with the actual work, it’s always with putting up with the co-workers… They’re all on some sort of weird trip, happy only when they have made you as miserable as themselves… I’m “retired” now but oh how I remember… So much nicer to forget.

  2. Steve capelin May 14, 2012

    Making me nervous. I’ve decided to go back to work 2 days a week to put my toes back in the water. I have assured myself that I can start on Monday and resign on tuesday if its as bad as your tale.
    We certainly do see different things don’t we. Having read your piece I’m now fixated on what those guys were looking at that so fascinated them. That’s why no two stories, even from people who experienced the same thing, are ever the same I guess. Nice to read and not just look at your creativity again. Cheers

  3. monagonzalez May 15, 2012

    Very nice story:)

  4. Jennifer May 18, 2012

    Yep. Sorry I made you remember, Donald. (Actually, my own workplace is pretty good, I’m lucky. I’ve been in miserable ones.)

  5. Jennifer May 18, 2012

    Oh no, Steve! Going back!
    As far as we could tell, there are two things those guys could have been looking at: some condo buildings or the highway. Unless they were looking in a window at the back of my own building… hmmm Now that would be interesting.

  6. Jennifer May 18, 2012

    Thank you!

  7. Carol May 27, 2012

    Usually it’s nothing to do with the actual work and everything to do with the people! I’m lucky, like you, and work with some lovely people and that makes going into the office a pleasure!
    How could they not notice that moon!? *shakes head in amazement*
    C x

  8. Jennifer June 4, 2012

    And yeah, we were pretty amazed…

  9. Susan Partlan June 15, 2012

    We’ve grown so tired of people talking loudly at restaurants that we rarely eat out anymore.
    Beautiful moon! So funny those guys missed it.

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