perspective and a late summer sky

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I've always liked the idea of the journalling the most significant event of the day.  To sit down at the end of the day and record that thing that stands out as the most important in a day lived.  I think that if one were to do that, she would go to sleep at the end of the day with everything in perspective.  I imagine that might be the best gift one could give to sleep.  

No, I'm not doing that kind of journalling right now.  Not faithfully, at least.  But that photo was taken on a Tuesday; and as I recall, the most significant moment of that day was looking out my window and reflecting on the gradation of colour in that sky.


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    Louella Charlston September 3, 2012

    I remember years ago, I recorded five things that stood out during the day. Didn’t matter what it was . . . good hair day . . . wake up to a clean kitchen . . . no traffic on the way to work . . . etc. But it got too mundane, too repetitive . . . so I stopped. When I found the journal a few years later, I killed myself laughing . . . so unoriginal with all my points. Of course I know I love my child, of course, I know I love my husband, of course I’m happy I’m alive. Sometimes I get too wordy so to write ONE thing from the day, will take too much effort and time. I don’t want it to be a chore. KNow what I mean??

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    Jennifer September 3, 2012

    I know EXACTLY what you mean Louella! A number of times in my life I have practiced what Julia Cameron calls “morning pages” – three hand written pages of whatever comes; stream of consciousness writing. Over time I can’t stand to see what repeats itself, and I stop. It becomes a chore. BUT – it has also helped me to recognize patterns in myself, to see patterns of thought and actions, and it was useful. But I promise – I won’t ever subject my blog friends to it! :0)

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