outside all day

It's a full day, and pretty much all of it is spent outside.  I have a bike ride while Ceri goes off to the office for a little while.  Later we hook up with Kelsey at David Pecaut Square for a free Kathleen Edwards show, part of the Luminato festival.  Then we walk though the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood and have a snack on the patio under the Gooderham (Flatiron) Building.   After that we walk down to Sugar Beach for the Toronto Wine and Spirits Festival.  We bump into my friend Kerri and her friend Nikki.  It's a great night, we wander around, sample foods and drinks, and sit near the water chatting until the place closes up.  Walk home quite late and fall asleep pretty much immediately.

Getting to spend summer in Toronto – beautiful thing number ninety-one.  


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The lovely Kathleen Edwards and some of her band.


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This little one enjoyed the show, having a little dance and tapping her foot now and then.


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Sweet little girl in a fuchsia kerchief as her new doggy friend flirts with her.


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Couple dancing ballroom style to the folkies on stage.


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Red eyed fella looking for lunch.


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I liked how the shape of the fountain mimics the shape of the St. James church spire.


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Gargoyles at the top of the Gooderham Building.


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Festival goers at Sugar Beach.


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Twilight at the Toronto Wine and Spirits Festival.



  1. Selma June 17, 2012

    That fountain shot is spectacular and you are right – it does mimic the church spire. That is my favourite shot. Seeing things like that is one of the things I love!

  2. Jennifer June 17, 2012

    You know, we sat not far from that fountain, and it continued looking spectacular there in the sunshine!

  3. Carol June 21, 2012

    Sounds, and looks, like a great day out!
    C x

  4. Jennifer June 23, 2012

    Sure was!

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