not the santa claus parade

Lovely Sunday morning and there's a fair bit of loafing around, reading, making luscious breakfast, I mean brunch, editing photos and eventually getting showered to go out and catch up with the Santa Claus parade making its way down toward St. Lawrence market. As it happens, my fault, we don't get out the door in time and as we walk down Wellington Street, we find a lot of families heading home and what looks like a massive advertisement for Tim Horton's plastered all over the street. If what Tim's is advertising is garbage.

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Post parade litter, which gets progressively more abundant as we move east on Wellington. I'm 51 and I live in a large city and I still get shocked by those who would throw garbage on the ground.

The crowds are  a little less charming after the parade than they might be during the parade and it's a relief to duck into the cozy and quiet little Cést What for some fine ale and snack of warm cheese with carmelized onions, and warm pretzels and broccoli for dipping.

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Cést What pub, Front Street, Toronto

Later we walk home in the twilight and I'm thinking the colour of that sky is more beautiful than any old parade float any day.

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Twilight behind Front Street, Toronto


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