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Summer has officially arrived and Canadians everywhere are doing what they love to do a lot:  complaining about the weather.  Not me.  I'm so glad to see summer.  I am glad to have my bike out; to be wearing sandals and getting pedicures.  I'm glad that the city festival season is in full swing; that I am going up to the cottage soon; that my skin is turning brown and that there is colour everywhere. I’m glad to be spending entire days outside; that the harbour is filled with boats and the Harbourfront filled with tourists.  I’m glad for the long days and that the summer solstice is almost here.  I’m glad for the abundance of fresh foods, and especially glad for having people I love to share it with and a rooftop patio to share it on.

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    Lisa Golden June 20, 2012

    That looks wonderful. This is what summer is all about. Isn’t this what we wait for?

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    Steve capelin June 20, 2012

    It’s freezing here. I can’t find a way to warm up this old timber house of ours. I’m envious of your summer.
    On another matter I am in the market for a camera. Did you do much research before you bought yours. What are you using and is it user friendly?
    I get lost in the complications of too may options in many digital cameras. I’m looking at a Fuji X100 which has a dial to set shutter speed and a manuallens ring to set aperture. It also has a million other gizmos but I reckon once I have aperture and shutter set I can ignore much of the other white noise. Downside. Its expensive and has a fixed 35mm lens. Takes me back to the 70’s and my Canon SLR.

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    Jennifer June 20, 2012

    Yes, yes and yes!

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    Jennifer June 20, 2012

    Aw, I’m sorry to be going on about summer. Especially as a good number of my bloggy people are down under.
    I did a little research before buying my camera, and I had taken photography classes before. I thought about my intended use for the camera, ultimately – that I want to take a lot of photos, easily, wherever I go. I don’t want to make a big production out of it. I want it carry-able.
    I ended up getting a Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD. It had the longest zoom lens on an affordable auto camera I could find. I can use manual settings on it, but honestly, most of the photos I take are spontaneous – I don’t want to set settings, so the thing’s usually set on Auto. And I forgot all that stuff I learned in photography class.
    I covet the big long lenses on the swanky cameras I see people lugging around, especially when there are faraway details I wish I could capture. But I’m about capturing little events – not staging photos.
    Oh – and at least half of the photos I take Steve, like those above, are taken with my cell phone (an HTC Android smart phone). Because it takes nice shots, it has some nice filter aps, and it’s always with me.
    Ultimately, I think you should envision yourself using a camera. HOW do you want to use it? Careful, staged shots? Or more spontaneous, off-the-cuff ones? I think that’s the main question. The way my life has been this year, on the go so much, I can’t imagine lugging around an expensive thing with a super long lens. But that’s me. And I’m no expert. I just like taking pictures.

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    Selma June 21, 2012

    YUM. That food looks delicious. So glad you’re enjoying the summer!

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    Carol June 21, 2012

    *sigh* mid June and I look out the window and see…rain and grey skies! I am starting to worry that we won’t get a summer at all!
    Your food looks yummy…going to stop looking as my mouth has started watering!
    C x

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    Susan Partlan June 21, 2012

    It all looks so delicious! May we come over?

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    Jennifer June 23, 2012

    Thanks pal! And it was delicious!

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    Jennifer June 23, 2012

    Aw, you guys missed the luck of the draw for summer this year, didn’t you!

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    Jennifer June 23, 2012

    Sure! 🙂

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