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I get home tonight and find there's less room than usual at my usual locking up spot.  I have to stick mine in between two others, mixing up handlebars and touching rear ends.  I'm usually not so crazy about intimate contact with other city dwellers, but these dwellers are squeaky clean and pretty attractive.  

The party has been invaded by a couple of a flashy, beautiful broads.  Shiny brand new roadsters, one white, one black.  The black one is completely tricked out – a rack, a basket, fenders, a rubber-covered u-lock, an elasticised strap.  And that seat!  Classy brown leather look and the springiest springy shocks. I could ride to Vancouver on that thing.  The tires have those sticky outy rubber protusions are all over them, I don't think they've ridden a block.  I can't believe that bike is parked outside. In downtown Toronto.

I lock up my dusty old olive green Chevy and wish the new Beemer owners many miles of happy riding.  And I covet those shiny fenders.


  1. Carol July 22, 2012

    I really like these. I find mechanisms fascinating!
    C x

  2. Selma July 22, 2012

    Some of the new bikes are very fancy. Me want!

  3. Jennifer July 23, 2012

    I can tell that from many of your drawings!

  4. Jennifer July 23, 2012

    Me kinda wanted too… super shiny!

  5. Susan Partlan July 24, 2012

    The springy seat looks comfy.

  6. Sian July 25, 2012

    have to agree that seat looks super comfy (as well as pretty stylish : )

  7. Jennifer August 31, 2012

    If that person keeps locking it up outside, I’m sure it won’t continue looking so polished and elegant – especially with the rash of wheel thefts and general bike vandalism in that spot!

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